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Hacking Roomba®: ExtremeTech

ISBN: 978-0-470-07271-4
456 pages
November 2006
Hacking Roomba®: ExtremeTech (0470072717) cover image


The Jetsons would be proud!

A gizmo as cool as Roomba just begs to be hacked. Now, with this book and the official ROI specification furnished by iRobot®, you can become the robotic engineer you've always dreamed of being. Build a Bluetooth interface for your Roomba. Turn it into an artist. Install Linux on it and give it a new brain. Some hacks are functional, others are purely fun. All of them let you play with robotics, and not one will void your warranty.

  • Build a serial interface tether.
  • Set up a Bluetooth® interface.
  • Drive Roomba.
  • Play with sensors.
  • Make it sing.
  • Create a Roomba artist.
  • Use your Roomba as a mouse.
  • Connect Roomba to the Net.
  • Wi-Fi your Roomba.
  • Replace Roomba's brain.
  • Install Roomba-cam.
  • Put Linux® on Roomba.
  • Features a companion Web site.

All this ? and it will still clean your floor!

Get the official iRobot Roomba Open Interface (ROI) specification and all code presented in the book in ready-to-run form at wiley.com/go/extremetech.

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Table of Contents



Part I: Interfacing.

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Roomba.3

Chapter 2: Interfacing Basics.

Chapter 3: Building a Roomba Serial Interface Tether.

Chapter 4: Building a Roomba Bluetooth Interface.

Chapter 5: Driving Roomba.

Chapter 6: Reading the Roomba Sensors.

Part II: Fun Things to Do.

Chapter 7: Making RoombaView.

Chapter 8: Making Roomba Sing.

Chapter 9: Creating Art with Roomba.

Chapter 10: Using Roomba as an Input Device.

Part III: More Complex Interfacing.

Chapter 11: Connecting Roomba to the Internet.

Chapter 12: Going Wireless with Wi-Fi.

Chapter 13: Giving Roomba a New Brain and Senses.

Chapter 14: Putting Linux on Roomba.

Chapter 15: RoombaCam: Adding Eyes to Roomba.

Chapter 16: Other Projects.

Appendix A: Soldering and Safety Basics.

Appendix B: Electrical Diagram Schematics.

Appendix C: iRobot Roomba Open Interface (ROI) Specification.


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Author Information

Tod E. Kurt has engineered hardware and software for robotic camera systems that went to Mars. Although he has degrees in electrical engineering and physics, Tod's career as a robotics hacker really began when he took apart his BigTrak, radio-controlled car, and chemistry set box to build an upright programmable robot when he was 12.
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iRobot Roomba Open Interface Specification
This PDF contains the complete iRobot Roomba Open Interface (ROI) Specification.
246.48 KB Click to Download
All sample code from the book
Visit HackingRoomba.com for updated code, additional resources, news, and additional bonus projects.
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