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Nortel Guide to VPN Routing for Security and VoIP

ISBN: 978-0-470-07300-1
734 pages
November 2006
Nortel Guide to VPN Routing for Security and VoIP (0470073004) cover image


Here's your handbook to Nortel VPN Router

If you're a beginning-to-intermediate-level networking professional, this guide lays the groundwork you need to establish and manage your network with VPN Router. Everything is here-hardware, software, laboratory set-ups, real-world examples, and, most importantly, advice gleaned from the authors' first-hand experiences.

From understanding the equipment to deployment strategies, management and administration, authentication, and security issues, you'll gain a working knowledge of VPN Router. You will explore tunneling protocols, VoIP, troubleshooting, and exercises to help you apply the Nortel VPN Router in your own environment. This book prepares you to handle the project and provides a resource for future reference.

Manage the complexities of Nortel's VPN Router

  • Review the newest networking standards
  • Become acquainted with all the tools in the Nortel VPN Router portfolio, and apply them to your organization's needs
  • Deploy a VPN Router in a Small Office or Home Office (SOHO) network or a large corporate network
  • Learn to apply security features such as a stateful firewall, Network Address Translation (NAT), port forwarding, and user and Branch Office Tunnel (BOT) termination
  • Establish security for VoIP and roaming wireless connections
  • Explore the Nortel VPN Client software, supported platforms, installation and configuration information, and basic VPN Client concepts
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your Nortel VPN Router solution
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Networking and VPN Basics.

Chapter 2 The Nortel VPN Router.

Chapter 3 The Nortel VPN Router Software Overview.

Chapter 4 The Nortel VPN Router in the Network.

Chapter 5 Management Options and Overview.

Chapter 6 Authentication.

Chapter 7 Security.

Chapter 8 Overview of Ethernet LANs and Network Routing 337

Chapter 9 Tunneling, VoIP, and Other Features.

Chapter 10 The Nortel VPN Client.

Chapter 11 VPN Router Administration Lab Exercises.

Chapter 12 Troubleshooting Overview.

Appendix A Abbreviation and Acronym Reference Listing.

Appendix B Command Line Interpreter Commands.

Appendix C Related Request for Comments Reference Guide.

Appendix D References and Resources.


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Author Information

JAMES EDWARDS is a Nortel Networks Certified Support Specialist (NNCSS) in VPN Routers. His experience includes work with some of Nortel's largest enterprise customers.

RICHARD BRAMANTE, also a Nortel Networks Certified Support Specialist (NNCSS), has been in Nortel VPN Router support for three years, and was a technology lead on the Instant Internet.

AL MARTIN is a technical writer with 15 years of experience in electro-mechanical and computer-related disciplines.

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