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Patty's Industrial Hygiene, Volume 1, Hazard Recognition , 6th Edition

ISBN: 978-0-470-07484-8
600 pages
December 2010


Since the first edition in 1948, Patty’s Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology has become a flagship publication for Wiley. In the course of its nearly six decades in print, it has evolved into a standard reference for the fields of occupational health and toxicology. The volumes on Industrial Hygiene are cornerstone reference works for chemists, engineers, toxicologists, and occupational safety personnel.

Volume 1 covers Introduction of Industrial Hygiene and Recognition of Chemical Agents.  In addition to revised and updated chapters, a number of new chapters reflect current technology and concerns.  The chapters include Nano-Materials, Chemical Toxicants including endocrine disruptors, Exposures in a Multicontaminant Environment, and Real Time Assessment for Contaminants.

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Table of Contents


1 Industrial Hygiene: Retrospect and Prospect—Hippocrates to Nanotechnology (John A. Pendergrass, PE, CIH (Retired), CSP).

2 Rationale for Industrial Hygiene Practice (Robert L. Harris, Ph.D., CIH (Retired); Lewis J. Cralley, Ph.D., CIH (Deceased); Lester V. Cralley, Ph.D., CIH (Deceased); and Vernon E. Rose, DrPH., CIH, CSP, PE).


3 The Mode of Absorption, Distribution, and Elimination of Toxic Materials (Franklin E. Mirer, Ph.D., CIH).

4 Occupational Epidemiology: Some Guideposts (John F. Gamble, Ph.D., MA, MSPH).

5 Atypical Human Response to Low-Level Environmental Contaminants: The Problem of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (Mark R. Cullen, MD).

6 Basic Aerosol Science (Parker C. Reist, ScD, PE).

7 Pulmonary Effects of Inhaled Mineral Dusts (David Fishwick, MD).

8 Assessment of Exposure to Respirable Dusts (Ronald S. Ratey, Ph.D., CIH (Retired)).

9 Man-Made Mineral Fibers (Jaswant Singh, Ph.D., CIH and Andreas Wagner, CIH).

10 Engineered Nanomaterials (Thomas M. Peters, Ph.D. and Vicki H. Grassian, Ph.D.).

11 Sampling and Analysis of Gases and Vapors (Martin Harper, Ph.D., CIH, CChem, MRSC).

12 Analytical Methods (Robert G. Lieckfield, Jr., CIH).

13 Biological Monitoring of Exposure to Industrial Chemicals (Michèle Berode, Ph.D.; Pierre-Olivier Droz, Ph.D. (Deceased); and Michel P. Guillemin, Ph.D.).

14 Odors: Measurement and Control (Amos Turk, Ph.D.; Angela Merlo, MD, Ph.D.; and Samuel Cha, MS).


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