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Charge Transport in Disordered Solids with Applications in Electronics

ISBN: 978-0-470-09505-8
498 pages
August 2006
Charge Transport in Disordered Solids with Applications in Electronics (0470095059) cover image


The field of charge conduction in disordered materials is a rapidly evolving area owing to current and potential applications of these materials in various electronic devices

This text aims to cover conduction in disordered solids from fundamental physical principles and theories, through practical material development with an emphasis on applications in all areas of electronic materials.

  • International group of contributors
  • Presents basic physical concepts developed in this field in recent years in a uniform manner
  • Brings up-to-date, in a one-stop source, a key evolving area in the field of electronic materials
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Table of Contents


1. “Charge Transport via Delocalized States in Disordered Materials” (Igor P. Zvyagin).

2. “Description of Charge Transport in Amorphous Semiconductors” (S. D. Baranovskii and O. Rubel).

3. “Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon – Material Properties and Device Applications” (W. Fuhs).

4. “Applications of Disordered Semiconductors in Modern Electronics: Selected Examples” (Safa Kasap, J.A. Rowlands, Kenkichi Tanioka, Arokia Nathan).

5. “The investigation of charge carrier recombination and hopping transport with pulsed electrically detected magnetic resonance techniques” (Ch. Böhme and K. Lips).

6. “Description of Charge Transport in Disordered Organic Materials” (S. D. Baranovskii and O. Rubel).

7. “Device applications of organic materials” (Elizabeth von Hauff, Carsten Deibel and Vladimir Dyakonov).

8. “Generation, Recombination and Transport of Non-Equilibrium Carriers in Polymer-Semiconductor Nanocomposites” (H. E. Ruda and A. Shik).

9. “AC Hopping Transport in Disordered Materials” (Igor P. Zvyagin).

10. “Mechanisms of Ion Transport in Amorphous and Nanostructured Materials” (Bernhard Roling).

11. “Applications of Ion Transport in Disordered Solids. Electrochemical
Micro-ionics” (Philippe Vinatier and Yohann Hamon).

12. "DNA Conduction: the Issue of Static Disorder, Dynamic Fluctuations and Environmental Effects" (Rafael Gutierrez, Danny Porath, Gianaurelio Cuniberti).

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Author Information

Sergei Baranovski is based in the Department of Physics at the Phillips University of Marburg in Germany. His research in semiconductors began in the research group of Shklovskii and Efros (see competitive titles). He has given numerous lectures at international meetings, particularly in the series of ICAMS conferences (Intl. Conf. On Amorphous and Microcrystalline Semiconductors). His main focus of research is in organic disordered materials, including work on charge transport in biological systems.
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