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Handbook of Counseling Psychology, 4th Edition

Steven D. Brown (Editor), Robert W. Lent (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-470-09622-2
656 pages
March 2008, ©2008
Handbook of Counseling Psychology, 4th Edition (0470096225) cover image


This completely revised and updated Fourth Edition of the Handbook of Counseling Psychology presents a cross-disciplinary survey of the entire field?combining a scholarly review of important areas of counseling psychology with current and insightful analyses of topics. The new edition equips you with a leading resource containing the latest information on the prevention and treatment of vocational, educational, and personal adjustment problems.
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Table of Contents


1. Legal and Ethical Issues Affecting Counseling Psychologists 3
James L. Werth Jr., Devon L. Cummings, and Mindi N. Thompson

2. The Changing Landscape of Professional Practice in Counseling Psychology 21
James W. Lichtenberg, Rodney K. Goodyear, and Diane Y. Genther

3. Technological Advances: Implications for Counseling Psychology Research, Training, and Practice 38
Paul A. Gore Jr. and Wade C. Leuwerke

4. Social Justice and Counseling Psychology: A Challenge to the Profession 54
Suzette L. Speight and Elizabeth M. Vera

5. A Growing Internationalization of Counseling Psychology 68
P. Paul Heppner, Frederick T. L. Leong, and Hung Chiao

6. The Interface of Counseling Psychology and Positive Psychology: Assessing and Promoting Strengths 86
Shane J. Lopez and Lisa M. Edwards


7. Conceptual and Measurement Issues in Multicultural Psychology Research 103
Matthew J. Miller and Hung-Bin Sheu

8. Theoretical and Empirical Advances in Multicultural Counseling and Psychology 121
Joseph G. Ponterotto

9. Multicultural Competence in Counseling Psychology Practice and Training 141
Madonna G. Constantine, Marie L. Miville, and Mai M. Kindaichi

10. Social Class and Classism: Understanding the Psychological Impact of Poverty and Inequality 159
William Ming Liu and Saba Rasheed Ali

11. Psychology of Gender 176
Roberta L. Nutt and Gary R. Brooks

12. Counseling Psychology and Sexual Orientation: History, Selective Trends, and Future Directions 194
James M. Croteau, Kathleen J. Bieschke, Ruth E. Fassinger, and Jessica L. Manning

13. Advances in Conceptualizing and Studying Disability 212
David B. Peterson and Timothy R. Elliott


14. Measuring and Improving Psychotherapy Outcome in Routine Practice 233
Michael J. Lambert and David A. Vermeersch

15. The Importance of Treatment and the Science of Common Factors in Psychotherapy 249
Zac E. Imel and Bruce E. Wampold

16. ATripartite Model of the Therapeutic Relationship 267
Charles J. Gelso and Lisa Wallner Samstag

17. Facilitating Insight in Counseling and Psychotherapy 284
Clara E. Hill and Sarah Knox

18. Therapist Self-Awareness: Interdisciplinary Connections and Future Directions 303
Elizabeth Nutt Williams, Jeffrey A. Hayes, and James Fauth

19. Culture and Race in Counseling and Psychotherapy: A Critical Review of the Literature 320
Frederick T. L. Leong and Arpana Gupta

20. Developments in Counseling Skills Training and Supervision 338
Nicholas Ladany and Arpana G. Inman


21. Advances in Vocational Theories 357
Nancy E. Betz

22. Vocational Psychology and Individual Differences 375
Patrick Ian Armstrong and James B. Rounds

23. Conceptualizing and Diagnosing Problems in Vocational Decision Making 392
Steven D. Brown and Christopher C. Rector

24. Contextual Factors in Vocational Psychology: Intersections of Individual, Group, and Societal Dimensions 408
Nadya A. Fouad and Neeta Kantamneni

25. Work, Family, and Dual-Earner Couples: Implications for Research and Practice 426
Lucia Albino Gilbert and Jill Rader

26. Vocational Counseling Process and Outcome 444
Susan C. Whiston and Daryn Rahardja

27. Understanding and PromotingWork Satisfaction: An Integrative View 462
Robert W. Lent


28. Risk and Resilience 483
Consuelo Arbona and Nicole Coleman

29. Promoting Positive Development and Competency across the Life Span 500
Steven J. Danish and Tanya Forneris

30. Promoting Health and Preventing and Reducing Disease 517
Kathleen Chwalisz and Ezemenari Obasi

31. Suicide Prevention 535
John S. Westefeld, Lillian M. Range, James R. Rogers, and Jennifer M. Hill

32. Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment 552
Matthew P. Martens, Clayton Neighbors, and Christine M. Lee

33. Preventing Eating andWeight-Related Disorders: Toward an Integrated Best Practices Approach 570
Laurie B. Mintz, Emily Hamilton, Rashanta A. Bledman, and Debra L. Franko

34. School Violence and Bullying Prevention: From Research-Based Explanations to Empirically Based Solutions 588
Dorothy L. Espelage and Arthur M. Horne

Author Index 607

Subject Index 629

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Author Information

Steven D. Brown, PhD, is a professor of counseling psychology at Loyola University in Chicago.

Robert W. Lent, PhD, is a professor in the Department of Counseling and Personnel Services at the University of Maryland, College Park.
Both editors are Fellows of the Society of Counseling Psychology and editors of Career Development and Counseling: Putting Theory and Research to Work (Wiley). They developed, along with Gail Hackett, social cognitive career theory and have written widely on important topics in counseling and vocational psychology.

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