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Fiber Optic Essentials

ISBN: 978-0-470-09742-7
242 pages
September 2007, Wiley-IEEE Press
Fiber Optic Essentials  (0470097426) cover image


Fiber Optic Essentials starts with a basic discussion on lightwaves and the phenomenon of refraction and reflection. It then goes on to introduces the reader to the field of fiber optics and covers some of the recent developments, such as fiber amplifiers, dispersion compensation and nonlinear effects. A number of other applications are also presented. Examples and comparison with everyday experience are provided wherever possible to help the reader's comprehension. Diagrams are also included to aid in the visualization of certain concepts.
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Table of Contents


Units and Abbreviations.

1. Introduction.

2. Light Waves.

3. Carrier Wave Communication.

4. Optical Users.

5. Loss in Optical Fibers.

6. Pulse Dispersion in Multimode Optical Fibers.

7. Pulse Dispersion in Single-Mode Optical Fibers.

8. Fiber Optic Communication Systems.

9. Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers and Fiber Lasers.

10. Raman Fiber Amplifiers.

11. Fiber Bragg Gratings.

12. Fiber Optic Components.

13. Nonlinear Effects in Optical Fibers.

14. Optical Fiber Sensors.

References and Suggested Reading.


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Author Information

K. Thyagarajan, PHD, is Professor in the Department of Physics at the Indian Institute of Technology at New Delhi. He is a recipient of the 1997 Lucent Technologies Finolex-Voice & Data Fibre Optic Person of the Year Award.

Ajoy Ghatak, PHD, is currently Distinguished Research Fellow at Disha Academy of Research and Education in Raipur. Professor Ghatak is a recipient of the 2003 Esther Hoffman Beller Award (instituted by The Optical Society of America) in recognition of his outstanding contributions to optical science and engineering education. Both men are Fellows of the Optical Society of America and have co-authored five previous books.

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This is an excellent reference book for anyone interested in gaining basic understanding of fiber optics. (Optics and Photoptics News, May 2008)
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