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Professional SQL Server 2005 Programming

ISBN: 978-0-470-10621-1
912 pages
February 2007
Professional SQL Server 2005 Programming (0470106212) cover image


Professional SQL Server 2005 Programming shows experienced developers how to master the substantially revamped feature set of the latest release of Microsoft SQL Server. The book begins with a concise overview of the new features of SQL Server that is of interest to experienced developers. This is especially important given the substantial changes to SQL Server with this release. From there, the book quickly moves on to the ?meat? of the title. Beginning-level material has been removed to provide more room for covering new features and more extensive code examples.
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Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Being Objective: Re-Examining Objects in SQL Server.

Chapter 2: Tool Time.

Chapter 3: Basic T-SQL.

Chapter 4: Creating and Altering Tables.

Chapter 5: Reviewing Keys and Constraints.

Chapter 6: Asking a Better Question: Advanced Queries.

Chapter 7: Daring to Design.

Chapter 8: SQL Server — Storage and Index Structures.

Chapter 9: Views.

Chapter 10: Scripts and Batches.

Script Basics.

Chapter 11: Getting Procedural: Stored Procedures and User-Defined.

Chapter 12: Transactions and Locks.

Chapter 13: Triggers.

Chapter 14: Nothing But NET!

Chapter 15: SQL Cursors.

Chapter 16: XML Integration

Chapter 17: Reporting for Duty, Sir!

Chapter 18: Buying in Bulk: the Bulk Copy Program (BCP) and Other Basic Bulk Operations.

Chapter 19: Getting Integrated.

Chapter 20: Replication.

Chapter 21: Looking at Things in Full: Full-Text Search.

Chapter 22: Security.

Security Basics.

Chapter 23: Playing a Good Tune: Performance Tuning.

Chapter 24: Administrator.

Chapter 25: SMO: SQL Management Objects.

Appendix A: System Functions.

Appendix B: Connectivity.

Appendix C: Getting Service.


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Author Information

Robert Vieira is one of the leading authorities on Microsoft SQL Server and author of the bestselling title from Wrox Press, Professional SQL Server 2000 Programming, with nearly 40,000 copies in print.  Vieira is currently a Software Architect for NetIQ Corporation in Portland, OR, where he performs design work and coaches other developers. He speaks frequently at both public and private conferences nationally, and is perhaps best known for his light-hearted approach to teaching and writing.
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