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Pathway Analysis for Drug Discovery: Computational Infrastructure and Applications

Anton Yuryev (Editor), Sean Ekins (Series Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-470-10705-8
336 pages
September 2008
Pathway Analysis for Drug Discovery: Computational Infrastructure and Applications  (0470107057) cover image


This book introduces drug researchers to the novel computational approaches of pathway analysis and explains the existing applications that can save time and money in the drug discovery process. It covers traditional computational methods and software for pathway analysis microarray, proteomics, and metabolomics. It explains pathway reconstruction of diseases and toxic states, pathway analysis in various phases, dynamic modeling of drug responses, and more. This is a core resource for drug discovery and pharmaceutical industry researchers, chemists, and biologists and for professionals in related fields.
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Table of Contents



1 Introduction to Pathway Analysis (Anton Yuryev).

2 Software Infrastructure and Data Model for Pathway Analysis (Fedor Bokov and Anton Yuryev).

3 Automatic Pathway Inference in Heterogeneous Biological Association Networks (Anton Yuryev, Andrey Kalinin, and Nikolai Daraselia).

4 Algorithmic Basis for Pathway Visualization (Sergey Simakov, Iaroslav Ispolatov, Sergei Maslov, and Alexander Nikitin).

5 Pathway Analysis of High-Throughput Experimental Data (Andrey Y. Sivachenko).

6 Integrative Pathway Analysis of Disease Molecular Data (Andrej Bugrim, Zoltan Dezso, Yuri Nikolsky, and Tatiana Nikolskaya).

7 Whole-Genome Expression Profi ling of Papillary Serous Ovarian Cancer: Activated Pathways, Potential Targets, and Noise (John Farley, Laurent L. Ozbun, and Michael J. Birrer).

8 Mammalian Proteome and Toxicant Network Analysis (Sean Ekins and Craig N. Giroux).

9 Unraveling Mechanisms of Toxicity with the Power of Pathways: ToxWiz Tool as an Illustrative Example (Mark P. Kühnel, Bojana Cosovic, Goran Medic, Robert B. Russell, and Gordana Apic).

10 Impact of Chemistry Information on Pathway Analysis (Sreenivas Devidas).

11 Propagation of Concentration Perturbations in Equilibrium Protein Binding Networks (Sergei Maslov and Iaroslav Ispolatov).

12 An Adaptive System Model of the Yeast Glucose Sensor System (Todor Vujasinovic and André Siniša Žampera).

13 Present and Future of Pathway Analysis in Drug Discovery (Anton Yuryev).


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Author Information

ANTON YURYEV, PhD, is the Senior Director of Application Science at Ariadne Genomics Inc. His department studies the topological and evolutionary properties of biological networks and develops algorithms for pathway reconstruction and analysis of high-throughput data. Dr. Yuryev has published more than thirty scientific publications and is the author of several algorithms for primer design and pathway analysis.
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"Pathway analysis will help lead to a better understanding of the chemistry of living systems and the aberrations that disrupt health. This new book will serve as a beacon to research interested in this field." (Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, April 9, 2009)
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