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Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume 28

David Glick (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-470-11090-4
430 pages
September 2009
Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume 28 (0470110902) cover image

Table of Contents

Acquisition and Interpretation of Hydrogen Exchange Data from Peptides, Polymers, and Proteins. (A. Barksdale and A. Rosenberg).

Phase Partition—A Method for Purification and Analysis of Cell Organelles and Membrane Vesicles (P. Albertsson et al).

Detection of Ligand-Induced and Syncatalytic Conformational Changes of Enzymes by Differential Chemical Modification (P. Christen and H. Gehring).

Adaptation of Polarographic Oxygen Sensors for Biochemical Assays. (M. Lessler).

Visual Biochemistry: New Insight into Structure and Function of the Genome. (H. Vollenweider).

The Use of Magnetizable Particles in Solid Phase Immunoassay. (M. Pourfarzaneh et al).

Characterization, Assay, and Use of Isolated Bacterial Nucleoids (L. Hirschbein and N. Guillen).

Analysis of the Cross-linking Components in Collagen and Elastin (S. Robins).

Subject and Author Indexes.

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