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Wiley Pathways PC Hardware Essentials Project Manual

ISBN: 978-0-470-11411-7
240 pages
August 2007, ©2007
Wiley Pathways PC Hardware Essentials Project Manual (0470114118) cover image


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The PC Hardware Essentials Project Manual offers a wealth of easy-to-read, practical, and up-to-date activities that reinforce fundamental PC hardware concepts. You will develop the core competencies and skills you'll need in the real world, including how to:
* Use System Properties to determine basic PC configuration
* Remove and replace drives, drive cables, and expansion cards in a PC
* Locate the various components of a motherboard, and identify its type and form factor
* Use the Device Manager and System Information utility to resolve system resource conflicts
* Perform hard disk drive setup and maintenance activities
* Install and configure various I/O devices on your computer
* Share devices over a network
* Upgrade a laptop's internal components

With five to seven projects per chapter ranging from easy to more advanced, the PC Hardware Essentials Project Manual is ideal for both traditional and online courses and is an excellent companion to Groth's PC Hardware Essentials ISBN: 978-0-470-07400-8.

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Table of Contents

1.¿¿Understanding and Working with Personal Computers
2.¿¿Electricity and Power
4.¿¿Central Processing Units
6.¿¿Bus Structures
7.¿¿Hard Drives
8.¿¿Removable Storage
9.¿¿Input and Output Devices
11.¿¿Portable Systems
12.¿¿Network Fundamentals
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