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Professional SharePoint® 2007 Development

Professional SharePoint® 2007 Development (0470117567) cover image


If you're a .NET or Microsoft Office developer, this book will give you the tools and the techniques you need to build great solutions for the SharePoint platform. It offers practical insights that will help you take advantage of this powerful new integrated suite of server-based collaboration software tools along with specific examples that show you how to implement your own custom solutions. You'll then be able to apply this information to create collaborative web-based applications that enhance user productivity and deliver rich user experiences.

You’ll start by building a strong foundation based on a thorough understanding of the technologies that come with the SharePoint platform, while also drilling into specific implementation areas. Next, you'll dive into seven key SharePoint development areas: the base collaboration platform, portal and composite application frameworks, enterprise search, ECM, business process automation and workflow, electronic forms, and business intelligence.

This book is for ASP.NET developers who want to add collaboration support to their existing applications, Windows/Office client developers who want to move their solutions from the desktop to the web, and experienced SharePoint version 2.0 developers who want to take advantage of the new capabilities available in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0.

You will learn all about Windows SharePoint Services and MOSS 2007, including the following:

  • Ways to enhance collaboration using calendars, tasks, issues, and email alerts

  • Techniques for developing applications with integrated RSS, blogs and Wikis

  • How to build, configure, and manage portal solutions

  • Strategies for using enterprise search, XML, and XSLT

  • Methods for improving enterprise content management and business intelligence

  • Ways to take advantage of built-in support for regulatory compliance and web publishing

  • How to create custom workflows and integrate them into your solutions

This book is also available as part of the 4-book SharePoint 2007 Wrox Box (ISBN: 0470431946) with these 4 books:

  • Professional SharePoint 2007 Development (ISBN: 0470117567)
  • Real World SharePoint 2007 (ISBN: 0470168358)
  • Professional Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Design (ISBN: 047028580X)
  • Professional SharePoint 2007 Web Content Management Development (ISBN: 0470224754)
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Table of Contents

About the Authors.



Chapter 1: The Microsoft Application Platform and SharePoint.

SharePoint Products and Technologies.

The Microsoft Application Platform.

A Service-Oriented View of the Microsoft Application Platform.

Chapter 2: MOSS 2007 Overview for Developers.

Architectural Overview of SharePoint.

Your Development Environment.

Configure Remote Debugging.

Chapter 3: The SharePoint User Experience.

Site Design Starts with Web Applications.

Content Is Stored in a Site Collection.

Using SharePoint Lists and Libraries.

Improved Storage with Lists.

Working with Site Columns.

Understanding Content Types.

Windows SharePoint Services Pages.

Windows SharePoint Services Mobility.

Chapter 4: WSS v3 Platform Services.

Site Definitions.

Custom Field Types.



Web Parts.

Chapter 5: Programming Windows SharePoint Services.

Object Model.

Event Handling.

Web Services.

Chapter 6: A Sample Collaboration Solution.

The Project.

Designing a Solution.

Project Review.

Chapter 7: RSS, Blogs, and Wikis.




Chapter 8: Building Personalized Solutions.

Building Rich Portal Solutions on SharePoint.

Membership and User Profiles.

SharePoint Audiences.

Chapter 9: Using Enterprise Search.

Introduction to Enterprise Search.

SharePoint Server Enterprise Search Object Model Architecture.

Extending Enterprise Search.

Configuring Enterprise Search.

Chapter 10: Using the Business Data Catalog.

Business Data Catalog Architecture.

Connecting to Web Services.

Chapter 11: Building Document Management Solutions.

Understanding the Document Lifecycle.

Defining Metadata Using Content Types.

Managing Document Creation.

Managing the Document Revision Cycle.

Developing XML-Driven Document Management Solutions.

Creating Policy Administration Tools.

Chapter 12: Building Records Management Solutions.

SharePoint Support for Records Management.

The SharePoint Records Repository.

Information Management Policy.

Chapter 13: Building Web Content Management Solutions.

Customizing the Authoring Experience.

Chapter 14: Electronic Forms in MOSS 2007.

The Structure of an InfoPath Form.

Form Templates and Form Data.

Understanding InfoPath Security.

Form Programming.

Form Deployment and Distribution.

Using Browser-Based Forms.

Chapter 15: Building Workflow Solutions.

Workflow Foundation Basics.

Workflow in MOSS.

Workflow Development.

Building Declarative Workflows Using SharePoint Designer 2007.

Building Reusable Workflows Using Visual Studio 2005.

Chapter 16: Business Intelligence and SharePoint Server 2007.

Dashboards and Report Center.

Appendix A: Using the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Extension for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0.

Installation Requirements.

Building a Custom Solution Using the VSeWSS.

Using VSeWSS to Build Site Definitions and Custom Modules.

Using VSeWSS to Build Content Types.

Building a Custom Content Type Using VSeWSS.

Using VSeWSS to Build List Definitions.

Using VSeWSS to Build Web Parts.

Leveraging the SharePoint Solution Generator.


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Author Information

Consultant, author, and coach John Alexander is a recognized Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) and has served as the Microsoft regional director for the Kansas City region for the last nine years. Experienced in the delivery of scalable, stable, and open enterprise-level .NET Web applications, John is an industry-recognized trainer, consultant, speaker, and writer on the Microsoft .NET vision and implementation at both the technical and business decision-maker level. He has also coached several teams of developers, including one that was directly responsible for placing their organization on CIO magazine’s Agile 100 list. You can reach John at john@alexanderjulian.net. John is a principal with Alexander & Julian Inc, a Microsoft Partner specializing in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 and custom .NET development. Known for excellence in software delivery, Alexander & Julian prides itself on solving business challenges with innovative solutions.

Aside from being very passionate and somewhat obsessed with the latest and greatest Microsoft technologies that regularly come out of Redmond, J. Dan Attis has been heavily involved in the local Atlanta user group community since 2003, where he landed after completing his degree in applied mathematics at the University of Western Ontario, a hardcore technology program at The Information Technology Institute (ITI), and a short contract in North Carolina. In addition to being an occasional speaker at both the VB.NET and the C#.NET user groups, he helped create the Free Training 1,2,3! series (www.freetraining123.com) to help developers learn Microsoft technologies. Dan created and presented material at the first SharePoint 1,2,3! event (www.sharepoint123.com) along with the other leaders of the Atlanta Microsoft Professionals user group. Dan is also on the team responsible for the highly successful Atlanta Code Camps that run every year, as well as being a speaker. Today, Dan works as a senior consultant for Intellinet, working primarily with cutting-edge SharePoint and .NET technologies, creating innovative technology solutions that achieve measurable business improvements for their clients. He resides in Roswell, Georgia, with his wonderful wife, Jody, and their beautiful daughter, Lily.

Adam Buenz, MVP, CCSP, MCP, is an enterprise software architect for ARB Security Solutions specializing in knowledge management, collaboration strategies, and business process automation. In 2006, Adam was awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) citation for Windows SharePoint Services for his contributions to the SharePoint community. Adam is currently completing his Masters degree in mathematics. Adam blogs at www.sharepointsecurity.com/blog and can be contacted at .

John Holliday is an independent consultant and Microsoft MVP for Office SharePoint Server and has over 25 years of professional software development and consulting experience. John has been involved in a broad spectrum of commercial software development projects ranging from retail products to enterprise information systems for the Fortune 100.
After receiving his bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics from Harvard College and a J.D. from the University of Michigan, John developed a specialized computing language for constructing legal expert systems. His expertise includes all aspects of distributed systems development, with a special emphasis on document automation, collaboration, and enterprise content management.
In addition to his professional career, John is actively engaged in humanitarian activities through Works of Wonder International, a nonprofit organization he cofounded with his wife, Alice, and the Art of Living Foundation, an international service organization devoted to uplifting human values throughout the world.

Jeff Julian is a principal consultant with Alexander & Julian Inc, a Kansas City–based Microsoft partner and software consulting firm. His ability to resolve business challenges and passion for the software community was evident when Microsoft awarded him the Most Valuable Professional award in the area of XML for four years in a row. Jeff is also the founder of the largest blogging site of Microsoft professionals, named Geekswithblogs.net. You can contact Jeff by email at jeff@alexanderjulian.net.

Matt Ranlett, a SQL Server MVP, has been a fixture of the Atlanta .NET developer community for many years. A founding member of the Atlanta Dot Net Regular Guys (www.devcow.com), Matt has formed and leads several area user groups. Despite spending dozens of hours after work on local and national community activities such as the SharePoint 1, 2, 3! series (www.sharepoint123.com), organizing three Atlanta Code Camps, working on the INETA board of directors as the vice president of technology, and appearing in several podcasts such as .Net Rocks and the ASP.NET Podcast, Matt recently found the time to get married to a wonderful woman named Kim, whom he helps to raise three monstrous dogs. Matt currently works as a senior consultant with Intellinet and is part of the team committed to helping people succeed by delivering innovative solutions that create business value.

Eli Robillard is a frequent speaker at user groups and conferences, a technical editor, a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server MVP, the founder of the Toronto SharePoint Users Group, a member of the Microsoft Canada Speakers Bureau, and a founding member and past chair of a group of high-profile industry influencers and early adopters known as the ASPInsiders. As the principal architect in the Technology Architecture Group at Infusion Development Corporation, Eli designs SharePoint solutions for Wall Street, Bay Street, and large organizations worldwide. He lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where he plays music and goes on adventures with his 10-year old daughter.

Brendon Schwartz actively participates in the Atlanta area user groups and is known as one of the Atlanta .NET Regular Guys (www.devcow.com), of which he is also one of the cofounders. He is currently on the INETA board of directors as the vice president of technology, working to solve the technology problems of a large nonprofit organization using SharePoint and ASP.NET. Brendon currently works for Wintellect, solving real-world business problems through the use of Microsoft technologies such as SharePoint, .NET, Office, and VSTS. In addition to presenting at local user groups, he created the Free Training 1,2,3! series to help developers learn Microsoft technologies. As a .NET community leader in Atlanta, Brendon coauthored and presented the training material for SharePoint 1,2,3! (www.sharepoint123.com). He also writes technical articles for Microsoft, as well as other magazine publications on the topics of SharePoint and business intelligence. Brendon has worked on the leadership teams of five different user groups and has been interviewed for his community efforts on podcasts, including the ASP.NET Podcast, .NET Rocks!, and The SharePoint Show podcast. Brendon serves as the co-chairman of the Atlanta Code Camps (www.atlantacodecamp.com), at which he also regularly presents.

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Do you think you've discovered an error in this book? Please check the list of errata below to see if we've already addressed the error. If not, please submit the error via our Errata Form. We will attempt to verify your error; if you're right, we will post a correction below.

ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
A revised Acknowledgments page is now available for download.
2 43 Error in Text
Step 4, bottom of page, delete the following:
[ED: Is the list in parentheses okay, or should the series of steps be spelled out in detail?]
2 50-51 Addition to Text
end of step 4 from bottom of page 50, top of page 51:

After ?This will open the ports on your development machine necessary for remote debugging.?


You may also need to give the developer account the Logon as service right and change the setting for the Network Access: sharing and security model for local accounts to Classic.
62 Error in Text
Step 1 in 'Creating a Standard Link List' reads 'Click Site Settings and then Create'.

This should read 'Click Site Actions and then Create'"
4 183 Error in Code
first line (code) reads:
// add column 1 into row 3

should be:
// add column 2 into row 2
5 225 Error in Table
table, top left under "Web Service" header, continuation of the table from previous page reads:
Users and Groups (continued)

should be:
Web Part Pages (contintued)
288 Error in Text
in the bottom code block:

UserProfile userProfile = null; [Author: Why is this variable called "newUser".....thanks,brendon].

should be only:
UserProfile userProfile = null;

Delete the whole [Author: Why is this variable called "newUser".....thanks,brendon] section.
5 293 Error in Code
single shaded line of code in the middle of the page:
property.Separator = MultiValueSeparator.Semicolon;

should be:
skillProperty.Separator = MultiValueSeparator.Semicolon;
16 633 Error in Figure 16-11
Figure 16-11 is incorrect and should be replaced with the figure available in on our download page. https://media.wiley.com/product_ancillary/67/04701175/DOWNLOAD/fig16-11correx.bmp
16 639 Error in Text
step 4:

http://localhost/_vti_bin/ExcelService.asmx should be:

http://localhost:xxxx/_vti_bin/ExcelService.asmx where xxxx is the port number for the administration site.
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