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Handbook of Food Products Manufacturing: Principles, Bakery, Beverages, Cereals, Cheese, Confectionary, Fats, Fruits, and Functional Foods, Volume 1

Y. H. Hui (Editor), Ramesh C. Chandan (Associate Editor), Stephanie Clark (Associate Editor), Nanna A. Cross (Associate Editor), Joannie C. Dobbs (Associate Editor), William J. Hurst (Associate Editor), Leo M. L. Nollet (Associate Editor), Eyal Shimoni (Associate Editor), Nirmal Sinha (Associate Editor), Erika B. Smith (Associate Editor), Somjit Surapat (Associate Editor), Alan Titchenal (Associate Editor), Fidel Toldrá (Associate Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-470-12524-3
1131 pages
April 2007
Handbook of Food Products Manufacturing: Principles, Bakery, Beverages, Cereals, Cheese, Confectionary, Fats, Fruits, and Functional Foods, Volume 1 (0470125241) cover image


* Covers the manufacturing and processing of foods in: Bakery, Beverages, Cereals, Cheese, Confectionary, Fats, Fruits, and Functional Foods
* Includes coverage of manufacturing principles
* Presents details of commercial processing for each commodity including (where appropriate) a general introduction, ingredients, technologies, types and evaluation of industrial products, special problems, types and evaluation of consumer products, and processing and product trends
* Includes truly international coverage with editors and contributors from all over the world.
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Table of Contents




Section I: Principles and Establishments Classification.

1. Fundamentals of Food Manufacturing (Wai-Kit Nip).

2. Fermented Products and Their Manufacture (Wai-Kit Nip).

3. Food Manufacturing in the United States: Standard Industrial Classification (Y.H. Hui).

Section II: Flavors: Food Processing, Product Developments, and Recent Advances.

4. Food Flavorings: Principles of Applications (Taiwo O. Omobuwajo).

5. Product Development (Taiwo O. Omobuwajo).

6. Extraction Modes (Marisa F. Mendes, Fernando L.P. Pessoa, Sı´lvio A.B. Vieira De Melo, and Eduardo M. Queiroz).

7. Distillation and Drying (Fernando L.P. Pessoa, Marisa F. Mendes, Eduardo M. Queiroz, Sı´lvio A.B. Vieira de Melo, and David Lee Nelson).

8. Genetic Engineering (Gla´ucia Maria Pastore and Gabriela Alves Macedo).

9. Flavor Compounds Produced by Fungi, Yeasts, and Bacteria (Carlos R. Soccol, Adriane B.P. Medeiros, Luciana P.S. Vandenberghe, and Adenise L. Woiciechowski).

10. Flavor Production by Solid and Liquid Fermentation (Carlos R. Soccol, Adriane B.P. Medeiros, Luciana P.S. Vandenberghe, and Adenise L. Woiciechowski).

11. Herbs, Spices, and Essential Oils (Alain Darriet).

Section III: Food Sanitation and Establishment Inspection.

12. FDA GMPs, HACCP, and the Food Code (Nanna Cross).

13. Food Establishment Inspection (Y.H. Hui).


Section IV: Bakery Products.

14. Manufacturing of Bread and Bakery Products (Weibiao Zhou and Nantawan Therdthai).

15. Muffins and Bagels (Nanna Cross).

16. Fundamentals of Cakes: Ingredients and Production (Frank D. Conforti).

17. Traditional Italian Products from Wheat and Other Starchy Flours (M. Ambrogina Pagani, Mara Lucisano, and Manuela Mariotti).

18. Flavor Migration in Solid Food Matrices (Yi-Chung Fu).

Section V: Beverages.

19. Carbonated Beverages (Daniel W. Bena).

20. The Beer Brewing Process: Wort Production and Beer Fermentation (Ronnie Willaert).

21. Manufacture of Whisky (Takefumi Yoneya).

Section VI: Cereals: Rice and Noodles.

22. Rice-Based Products (C.M. Rosell and C. Collar).

23. Asian (Oriental) Noodles and Their Manufacture (Wai-Kit Nip).

Section VII: Cheeses.

24. Cheddar and Related Hard Cheeses (Stephanie Clark and Shantanu Agarwal).

25. Pasteurized Process and Related Cheeses (Stephanie Clark and Shantanu Agarwal).

26. Cottage Cheese (Stephanie Clark and David E. Potter).

27. Cheese Varieties Made by Direct Acidification of Hot Milk (Ramesh C. Chandan).

28. Cream Cheese as an Acidified Protein-Stabilized Emulsion Gel (Arjen Bot, Frank A.M. Kleinherenbrink, Michel Mellema, and Christel K. Magnani).

Section VIII: Confectionery.

29. Chocolate and Cocoa (Randall Hofberger and Nina Ann Tanabe).

30. Confectionery: Inspection and Enforcement (Y.H. Hui).

Section IX: Fats and Oils.

31. Margarine and Dairy Spreads: Processing and Technology (Pernille Gerstenberg Kirkeby).

32. Cream Products (David W. Everett).

33. Influence of Processing on Virgin Olive Oil Quality (Maria Roca, Beatriz Gandul-Rojas, and M. Isabel Mı´nguez-Mosquera).

Section X: Fruits and Fruit Juices.

34. Apple: Production, Chemistry, and Processing (Nirmal K. Sinha).

35. Strawberries and Blueberries: Phytonutrients and Products (Nirmal K. Sinha).

36. Major Tropical Fruits and Products: Banana, Mango, and Pineapple (Lillian G. Po).

37. Fruit Juices (Terri D. Boylston).

38. Dried Banana (Raquel Pinho Ferreira Guiné and Maria João Barroca Dias).

39. Fresh-Cut Fruits (Olga Mart&ıacute;n-Belloso, Robert Soliva-Fortuny, and Gemma Oms-Oliu).

Section XI: Functional Foods.

40. Functional Foods and Ingredients (Chung-Ja C. Jackson and Gopinadhan Paliyath).

41. Functional Foods: International Considerations (Kelley Fitzpatrick).

42. Functional Foods Based on Dairy Ingredients (Ramesh C. Chandan and N.P. Shah).

43. Functional Properties of Milk Constituents (Ramesh C. Chandan).

44. Functional Foods Based on Meat Products (Francisco Jiménez-Comenero).

45. Gluten-Free Cereal Products as a Functional Food (Elke K. Arendt and Michelle M. Moore).





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Author Information

Y.H. Hui, PhD, is the Senior Scientist at Science Technology System and has been the author or editor of many books in Food Science and Technology.

Ramesh Chandan, PhD, is the president of Global Technologies, Inc., a consulting company in Food Science and Technology.  He is the author or editor of four books on yogurt and other dairy products.

Stephanie Clark, PhD, is an Associate Food Scientist and Associate Professor in the Deaprtment of Food Science and Human Nutrition at Washington State Univeristy in Pullman.

Nanna Ailen Cross, PhD, RD, LD, is the President of Cross Associates, Inc., a nutritional consulting firm in Chicago, Illinois.

Joannie Dobbs, PhD, is an Assistant Specialist in the Department of Human Nutrition, Food, and Animal Sciences at the University of Hawaii in Manoa.

William J. Hurst, PhD, is a consultant in Mt. Gretna, Pennsylvania.  He was formerly a food scientist at Hershey Foods Corp.  He has two Wiley titles on laboratory automation to his credit.

Leo M.L. Nollet, PhD, is a Professor of Biotechnology at Hogeschool Gent in Belgium.  He has edited or co-edited eight previous books in food science and technology.

Eyal Shimoni, DSc, is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Biotechnology and Food Engineering at the Technion--Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel.

Erika B. Smith, PhD, is the Technical Category Manager for the Dairy-Materials Development Group at General Mills, Inc in Champlin, Minnesota.

Somjit Surapat, PhD, is the Head of the Department of Food Science and Technology ath Kasetsart University in Bangkok, Thailand.

Alan Titchenal, PhD, CNS, is an Instructor and Nutrition Specialist in the Department of Human Nutrition, Food, and Animal Sciences at the University of Hawaii in Manoa.  He has co-authored three previous books on nutrition and fitness.

Fidel Toldrá, PhD, is a Research Professor and the Head of the Laboratory of Meat Science at the Institute of Agrochemistry and Technology of Food (CSIC) in Valencia, Spain, and is also Associate Professor of Food Technology at the Polytechnical University of Valencia.

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by Y. H. Hui (Editor), Ramesh C. Chandan (Editor), Stephanie Clark (Editor), Nanna A. Cross (Editor), Joannie C. Dobbs (Editor), W. Jeffrey Hurst (Editor), Leo M. L. Nollet (Editor), Eyal Shimoni (Editor), Nirmal Sinha, Erika B. Smith (Editor), Somjit Surapat (Editor), Fidel Toldrá (Editor), Alan Titchenal (Editor)
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