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Food Regulation: Law, Science, Policy, and Practice

ISBN: 978-0-470-12709-4
712 pages
February 2009
Food Regulation: Law, Science, Policy, and Practice (0470127090) cover image


Food Regulation: Law, Science, Policy, and Practice provides an in-depth discussion of the federal statutes, regulations, and regulatory agencies involved in food regulation. After an introduction to U. S. food and drug regulation, it covers current food regulations, inspection and enforcement, international law, the Internet, and ethics. While it contains detailed discussions of policies and case studies, the book is accessible to students and professionals. This is an excellent text for courses in food science, food law, etc., and a practical reference for food industry professionals, consultants, and others.
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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents.



Part I: Introductory Chapters.

1. Introduction to Food Regulation in the United States.

2. What Is a Food?

Part II: Regulation of Labeling and Claims.

3. Food Labeling.

4. Nutritional Labeling, Nutrient Level Claims, and Health Claims.

5. Economic and Aesthetic Adulteration.

Part III: Food Safety Regulation.

6. Food Safety Regulation.

7. Food Additives, Food Colorings, Irradiation.

Part IV: Specialized Food Regulation.

8. Dietary Supplements.

9. Biotechnology and Genetically Engineered Organisms.

10. Food Terrorism.

11. Importation and Exportation.

Part V: Inspection and Enforcement.

12. Federal Enforcement.

13. Inspections.

14. State Laws and Their Relationship to Federal Laws.

15. Private Actions.

Part VI: General Chapters.

16. International Food Law.

17. Ethics.

Table of Abbreviations.

Table of Cases.


About the Author.

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Author Information

Neal D. Fortin, JD, is an attorney concentrating in food and drug law, food safety, food labeling, ingredient evaluation, biotechnology, and advertising. He is Professor and Director of the Institute for Food Laws & Regulations at Michigan State University; an Adjunct Professor of Law at the Michigan State University College of Law; and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health. Previously, Mr. Fortin was the manager of the food service regulatory program for the Michigan Department of Agriculture.
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