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Kirk-Othmer Separation Technology, 2 Volume Set, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-470-12741-4
2544 pages
February 2008
Kirk-Othmer Separation Technology, 2 Volume Set, 2nd Edition (0470127414) cover image
This two-volume set delivers over seventy carefully selected articles on separation technology from the Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology. Presenting readers with the principles of separation processes, process design, equipment, operation, and applications, it features content that has been expanded upon, updated, and modernized since publication of the first edition. Covering a wealth of critical topics, the articles have been arranged alphabetically for ease of use and focus on both established and newer separation processes of industrial importance.
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1. Absorption.

2. Activated Alumina.

3. Activated Carbon.


4. Adsorption, Fundamentals.

5. Adsorption, Gas Separation.

6. Adsorption, Liquid Separation.

Air Separation.

7. Nitrogen.

8. Oxygen.


9. Bioseparations, Overview.

10. Bioseparations, Separation Methods in Proteomics.

11. BTX Separations.

12. Capillary Separations.

13. Centrifugal Separation.


14. Chromatography.

15. Chromatography, Affinity.

16. Chromatography, Gas.

17. Chromatography, Liquid.

18. Chromatography, Size Exclusion.

19. Chiral Separations .

20. Contactors for Chemical Separation.

21. Cryogenic Technology .

22. Crystallization.

23. Desiccants.


24. Cleaning and Desulfurization of Coal.

25. Desulfurization of Flue Gases.

26. Dewatering.


27. Dialysis.

28. Electrodialysis.

29. Hemodialysis.

30. Diffusion Separation Methods.


31. Distillation.

32. Distillation, Azeotropic and Extractive.

33. Drying.

34. Electrophoresis.

35. Evaporation.


36. Extraction, Liquid-Liquid.

37. Extractive Metallurgy.


38. Filtration.

39. Microbial and Viral Filtration.

40. Flocculation.

41. Flotation.


42. Fractionation, Blood .

43. Fractionation, Polymers.

44. Foam.

45. Gas-Solid Separation .

46. High Purity Gases.

47. Ion Exchange.

48. Isotope Separation.

49. Magnetic Separation.

50. Mass Transfer.

Membrane Technology.

51. Membrane Technology, Introduction.

52. Hollow-Fiber .

53. Pervaporation.

54. Reverse Osmosis.

55. Ultrafiltration.

56. Metals Separation.

57. Microfluidics.

58. Minerals Recovery and Processing .

59. Molecular Sieves.

60. Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing.

61. Petroleum Refining.

62. Process Integration Technology.

63. Sedimentation.

64. Separations Process Synthesis.

65. Silica Gel.

66. Size Separation.

67. Stack Gas.

68. Sulfur and Hydrogen Sulfide Recovery.

69. Supercritical Fluids.

70. Wastewater Treatment.

71. Water Desalination.

72. Water Treatment.

73. Xylenes and Ethylbenzene.

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“The over 70 articles are written by an international array of experts from industry and academia and cover such areas as “the principles of separation processes, process design, equipment, operation, and applications”. An extensive index completes the set.”  (JACS, 2008)

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