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Mastering Microsoft Windows Vista Home: Premium and Basic

ISBN: 978-0-470-14473-2
1042 pages
April 2007
Mastering Microsoft Windows Vista Home: Premium and Basic (0470144734) cover image


Configure, run, and troubleshoot Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Home Basic with the detailed coverage you’ll find in this comprehensive guide. With a task-based approach and clear instructions, this book helps you become an advanced user of Windows Vista—even if you’re just starting out. From administering your computer and surfing the Web securely to advanced maneuvers such as creating your own movies and burning DVDs, you’ll find what you need to master the powerful features of Windows Vista.
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Table of Contents


Part 1: Up and Running with Windows Vista.

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Windows Vista.

Chapter 2: Connecting to the Internet and Surfing the Web.

Chapter 3: Customizing Your Desktop.

Chapter 4: Installing, Removing, and Running Programs.

Chapter 5: Managing Your Files and Folders.

Chapter 6: Making the Most of the Bundled Programs.

Chapter 7: Finding Help to Solve Your Windows Problems.

Part 2: Administering and Troubleshooting Windows Vista.

Chapter 8: Managing Users and Accounts.

Chapter 9: Sharing Files and Working with File Types.

Chapter 10: Managing Your Disks and Drives.

Chapter 11: Working with the Registry.

Chapter 12: Installing, Configuring, and Managing Printers and Fonts.

Chapter 13: Managing Hardware, Drivers, and Power.

Chapter 14: Using Windows Vista Home on a Portable Computer.

Chapter 15: Troubleshooting and Optimizing Windows Vista.

Chapter 16: Backup and Disaster Recovery.

Part 3: Using Windows Vista’s Communication Tools.

Chapter 17: E-mail with Windows Mail.

Chapter 18: Reading News with Windows Mail.

Chapter 19: Publishing Information to the Web.

Chapter 20: Instant Messaging with Windows Live Messenger.

Chapter 21: Giving and Getting Remote Assistance.

Part 4: Audio, Video, and Games.

Chapter 22: Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center.

Chapter 23: Working with Pictures and Videos.

Chapter 24: Burning CDs and DVDs.

Chapter 25: Playing Games on Windows Vista.

Part 5: Networking Windows Vista Home Edition.

Chapter 26: Understanding Windows Networking.

Chapter 27: Building a Home or Home-Office Network.

Chapter 28: Sharing Resources on Your Network.

Chapter 29: Securing Your Network.

Chapter 30: Connecting to a Remote Computer or Network.

Appendix A: Windows Vista Basics.

Appendix B: Installing or Upgrading to Windows Vista.


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Author Information

Guy Hart-Davis is well into his second decade of rebooting Windows PCs. He has written dozens of computer books, including Mastering VBA, Mastering Microsoft Works, and three editions of Mastering Windows XP Home Edition.
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