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Your Gut is Still Not Smarter Than Your Head: How Disciplined, Fact-Based Marketing Can Drive Extraordinary Growth and Profits

ISBN: 978-0-470-14938-6
296 pages
March 2007
Your Gut is Still Not Smarter Than Your Head: How Disciplined, Fact-Based Marketing Can Drive Extraordinary Growth and Profits  (0470149388) cover image


Praise for
Your Gut Is Still Not Smarter Than Your Head

"Too many companies treat marketing as a communication exercise to help sales move a few more cases of product out of the door. Your Gut Is Still Not Smarter Than Your Head demonstrates that marketing, properly understood, is your company's engine for spotting opportunities and nurturing them to produce long-term profitable growth."
-Philip Kotler, author and S.C. Johnson Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg School of Management

"Clancy and Krieg debunk the popular myth that marketing is all instinct and hocus pocus. Here's a practical approach to marketing strategy and tactics that can drive profitability and growth. There are no 'blink' shortcuts here-this is the real work of transformational marketing, laid out in a practical, concise guide that every true marketer should read!"
-Susanne Lyons, Chief Marketing Officer, Visa USA

"Clancy and Krieg have written a comprehensive and highly compelling how-to book for the marketing community that says: wake up and look at the facts! It's a must-read for every professional marketer who aspires to breakthrough performance."
-Joseph V. Tripodi, Chief Marketing Officer, Allstate Insurance Company

"Bold moves require more facts in this fast-paced era. This book is a must-read for the risk tolerant!"
-Jon Luther, CEO, Dunkin' Brands, Inc.

"Fact-based marketing is the best way to reinvent marketing, and Clancy and Krieg provide the blueprint to do it."
-Bob Liodice, President and CEO, Association of National Advertisers

"The authors demonstrate forcefully and dramatically-with numerous examples-how great, even just good, analysis leads to legendary marketing strategies."
-Don Sexton, Professor, Columbia Business School, and author of Trump University Marketing 101
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Table of Contents

Section I

Why You Should Be Unhappy with Your Marketing Even if You’re Not 1

1 Nothing Is More Important than Marketing 3

2 More Marketing Decisions Are Made with Guts than Brains 25

3 How to Give Your Marketing a “Performance Review” 45

Section II

Six Easy Steps (and One Hard One) to Better Marketing 57

4 So Many Targets . . . So Which Are Worth Targeting? 59

5 Positioning: The Battle for the Mind Is Lost before the First Shot Is Fired 81

6 Generate Two Billion Product Ideas and Choose the Best One 103

7 Don’t Slip in the Media Muddle 129

8 Why Your Advertising Is a Waste—and What to Do about It 147

9 Sports Sponsorships Are Often a Mug’s Game 167

10 How to Make the Sales Reps Our Friends . . . Really 185

Section III

How to Finally Make It All Work Together 203

11 Connect All the Marketing Plan’s Dots 205

12 How to Get All These Great Plans Implemented 227

13 Brand Equity—Out; Customer Equity—In 243

14 Yes, You Can Measure Marketing ROI 263

Notes 277

Index 285

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Author Information

Kevin Clancy is Chairman and CEO of Copernicus Marketing Consulting, a leading research-driven consulting firm with an international clientele. He is the coauthor of the bestsellers Marketing Myths That Are Killing Business and The Marketing Revolution. He is an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Boston University and formerly taught marketing and sociology at The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Peter Krieg is President and COO of Copernicus Marketing Consulting. He is the coauthor of Counterintuitive Marketing and Market New Products Successfully. Prior to Copernicus, Krieg was a managing partner at Yankelovich Clancy Shulman, where he managed the firm's European Operation.

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