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Professional Community Server

ISBN: 978-0-470-14971-3
311 pages
February 2007
Professional Community Server (047014971X) cover image


  • Community Server is one of the hottest Web site packages available today and runs many popular sites, including Microsoft's Channel 9, Xbox.com, Xbox's Major Nelson, and The Hive
  • This hands-on guide teaches readers how to extend their implementation with themes, modules and add-ons through the use of helpful examples
  • Explains how to troubleshoot installation issues, understand Community Server ASP.NET config files, implement kinds, modify custom controls, and work with master pages
  • Explores ways to manage the point system, extend the database, write custom modules, and modify Community Server code
  • Foreword by Rob Howard, Microsoft ASP.NET MVP and CEO of Telligent Systems
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Table of Contents



Part I: Getting Started.

Chapter 1: What Is Community Server?

Chapter 2: Installation.

Chapter 3: Guided Tour.

Part II: Configuring Community Server.

Chapter 4: Configuring a Site to Meet Your Requirements.

Chapter 5: Changing the Look-and-Feel.

Part III: Administering Community Server.

Chapter 6: Control Panel.

Chapter 7: User Management.

Chapter 8: Managing Security.

Chapter 9: Reporting Capabilities.

Chapter 10: Core Configuration Options.

Part IV: Extending Community Server.

Chapter 11: Modules.

Chapter 12: Modifying Community Server Code.

Chapter 13: Writing Custom Modules.

Chapter 14: Extending the Database.

Chapter 15: Localizing Community Server.

Appendix A: Command Add-ons.

Appendix B: Resources.


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Author Information

Wyatt Preul works as a software test engineer for Telligent Systems. At age 23 he holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and is completing his certification as a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist. Wyatt has been working with and admiring Community Server since shortly after version 1.1 was released. Since that time he has become a respected member of the community and active participant in the product itself. Wyatt now spends his days happily testing Community Server and trying to locate bugs in the product, about which he reports there aren’t many. His thoughts on development, testing, and Community Server can all be found at www.wyattpreul.com. Wyatt currently lives in Philadelphia with his beautiful fiancé Dusti Lyon.

Keyvan Nayyeri is a software architect and developer and an active .NET community member with a bachelor of science degree in Applied Mathematics. He began his programming life with over eight years of system programming and much experience with practices. In the development world, Keyvan is a middle-tier developer and an expert in markup languages and their related technologies. Recently he has switched to Service Oriented design and building distributed systems. He is a young community member who has written several articles for .NET communities. Beside this, he’s running some open source projects. Keyvan has been a Community Server MVP since April 2006 and primarily focuses on codes and APIs and has written several modules and custom controls for Community Server. He joined the Community Server folks in the early days and actively has helped many Community Server users to find their way in this world. His thoughts on .NET, Community Server, and Technology can be found on www.nayyeri.net.

José Lema, the product unit manager for Community Server, has been developing browser-based applications for the past 10 years. Previous to joining Telligent Systems, he was the lead developer for Microsoft’s Hive.net online community. His unique experience with ASP.NET, SQL Server, and Community Server ultimately led him to join Telligent as a senior engineer focused on the forums system. Since that time, his responsibilities have grown to include the entire Community Server product and team. In his free time, José enjoys reading, juggling, playing, and watching/quoting movies with his wife and four boys.

Jim Martin is a software engineer for Telligent. Telligent is a software and solutions company with unique expertise and knowledge of the Microsoft .NET platform. Jim focuses primarily on the services side at Telligent but has also contributed in the development of Community Server, as well as customizing Community Server to fit specific client needs. Jim joined Telligent shortly after the company’s birth and has now been there two years. Jim has over eight years of software development experience. He began his career as an information analyst, focusing on custom applications to support company initiatives for Fujitsu Network Communications in Richardson, Texas. After almost five years at Fujitsu he moved to Brink’s Inc. where he worked for almost two years as a programmer analyst on a custom solution used to manage the Brink’s armored fleet and cash movement.
Jim likes to spend his off time playing in the .NET community. Jim is the treasurer for the North Dallas .NET Users Group in Dallas, Texas. Jim is also a musician and enjoys playing the piano whenever he can find the time. Jim also enjoys the little things in life, such as spending nights reading, drinking coffee, going to the gym, and listening to music.

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