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Bioinorganic Chemistry, Volume 38

ISBN: 978-0-470-16696-3
535 pages
September 2009
Bioinorganic Chemistry, Volume 38 (0470166967) cover image


This comprehensive series of volumes on inorganic chemistry provides inorganic chemists with a forum for critical, authoritative evaluations of advances in every area of the discipline. Every volume reports recent progress with a significant, up-to-date selection of papers by internationally recognized researchers, complemented by detailed discussions and complete documentation. Each volume features a complete subject index and the series includes a cumulative index as well.
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Table of Contents

Subsite-Specific Structures and Reactions in Native and Synthetic (4Fe-4S) Cubane-Type Clusters (R. Holm, et al.).

Indoleamine 2,3-Dioxygenase: Properties and Functions of a Superoxide Utilizing Enzyme (O. Hayaishi, et al.).

Dinuclear Iron- and Manganese-Oxo Sites in Biology (L. Que & A. True).

Metal Ion Promoted Reactions of Phosphate Derivatives (P. Hendry & A. Sargeson).

Long-Range Electron Transfer in Donor (Spacer) Acceptor Molecules and Proteins (B. Bowler, et al.).

Mercury(II)-Thiolate Chemistry and the Mechanism of the Heavy Metal Biosensor MerR (J. Wright, et al.).

Probing Nucleic Acids with Transition Metal Complexes (A. Pyle & J. Barton).

Biological Processing of DNA Modified by Plantinum Compunds (S. Bruhn, et al.).

Subject Index.

Cumulative Index, Volumes 1-38.
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Author Information

STEPEHN J. LIPPARD is Arthur Noyes Professor in the Department of Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His recent honors include election to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1986, the 1987 Remson Award of Maryland Section of the ACS, the 1987 ACS Award in Inorganic Chemistry sponsored by the Monsanto Company, a 1988 Humboldt U.S. Senior Scientist Award, and election to the National Academy of Sciences in 1989.
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