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VBScript Programmer's Reference, 3rd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-470-16808-0
816 pages
October 2007
VBScript Programmer
  • Completely updated for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2003 R2, this book is packed with practical examples for today's programmer, Web developer, or system administrator
  • Combines a comprehensive overview of the VBScript technology and associated technologies with sample code at every stage from beginner to advanced user
  • Discusses the general syntax, functions, keywords, style, error handling, and similar language-specific topics and then moves into an expanded reference section covering the object models in detail
  • Presents advanced coverage on Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI), PowerShell, security scripting, remote scripting, database scripting, and more
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Chapter 1: A Quick Introduction to Programming.

Chapter 2: What VBScript Is — and Isn’t!

Chapter 3: Data Types.

Chapter 4: Variables and Procedures.

Chapter 5: Control of Flow.

Chapter 6: Error Handling and Debugging.

Chapter 7: The Scripting Runtime Objects.

Chapter 8: Classes in VBScript (Writing Your Own COM Objects).

Chapter 9: Regular Expressions.

Chapter 10: Client-Side Web Scripting.

Chapter 11: Windows Sidebars and Gadgets.

Chapter 12: Task Scheduler Scripting.

Chapter 13: PowerShell.

Chapter 14: Super-Charged Client-Side Scripting.

Chapter 15: Windows Script Host.

Chapter 16: Windows Script Components.

Chapter 17: Script Encoding.

Chapter 18: Remote Scripting.

Chapter 19: HTML Applications.

Chapter 20: Server-Side Web Scripting.

Chapter 21: Adding VBScript to Your VB and .NET Applications.

Appendix A: VBScript Functions and Keywords.

Appendix B: Variable Naming Convention.

Appendix C: Coding Conventions.

Appendix D: Visual Basic Constants Supported in VBScript.

Appendix E: VBScript Error Codes and the Err Object.

Appendix F: The Scripting Runtime Library Object Reference.

Appendix G: The Windows Script Host Object Model.

Appendix H: Regular Expressions.

Appendix I: The Variant Subtypes.

Appendix J: ActiveX Data Objects.


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Adrian Kingsley-Hughes has made his living as a technology writer for over a decade, with many books and articles to his name. He can also be found teaching classes on the Web, where he has successfully taught technology skills to thousands of learners, with his own special brand of knowledge, experience, wit, and poor spelling. He is also editor of the ZDNet blog Hardware 2.0 ( http://blogs.zdnet.com/hardware ).

Kathie Kingsley-Hughes has worked in IT training for many years. In addition to writing, she now works as a courseware developer and e-trainer, specializing in Internet technologies. She also runs a web development company in the United Kingdom.

Daniel Read is a software developer living and working in Atlanta, GA, USA. He currently works for Connecture Inc., an Atlanta-based software consulting firm specializing in the insurance industry. Daniel also publishes and writes essays for developers at DeveloperDotStar.com , a web-based magazine for software professionals.

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Do you think you've discovered an error in this book? Please check the list of errata below to see if we've already addressed the error. If not, please submit the error via our Errata Form. We will attempt to verify your error; if you're right, we will post a correction below.

ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
16 Repeated Statement
"Msgbox Greeting" statement appears twice. Please delete second occurence.
21 Typo
bottom paragraph:
a comment AT the beginning

should be:
a comment at the beginning
87 Error in Text
Top of the page in the Calling Code block, 2nd sentence.

"One of the primary purposes of naming a block of code is that other code can invoke that block of a code using the name."

The "a" at the end of the snippet just before "code" is not intended.
117 Incorrect Code Indentation
bottom example:
statement 'strFileName = ...' should be indented two more tabs
604 Missing \
In the Integer Division operator, the example is missing a \
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