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SEO: Search Engine Optimization Bible

ISBN: 978-0-470-17500-2
408 pages
December 2007
SEO: Search Engine Optimization Bible (0470175001) cover image


  • This in-depth Bible delivers the holy grail of online marketing: how to influence search engine results to drive online shoppers to specific Web sites; the process is called search engine optimization (SEO) and it is a hot topic
  • One-stop resource offers readers what they need to plan and implement a successful SEO program, including useful tips on finding the shortest routes to success, strategy suggestions, and sidebars with more information and additional resources
  • Features interviews with executives from top search companies, plus appendices on creating successful listings with Google, MSN, Yahoo!, and others
  • Topics include creating an SEO plan; managing keywords; maximizing pay-per-click strategies; understanding the role of links and linking; robots, spiders, and crawlers; maintaining SEO; analyzing success rates; and much more
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Table of Contents


Part I: Understanding SEO.

Chapter 1: Search Engine Basics.

Chapter 2: Creating an SEO Plan.

Part II: SEO Strategies.

Chapter 3: Building Your Site for SEO.

Chapter 4: Keywords and Your Web Site.

Chapter 5: Pay-per-Click and SEO.

Chapter 6: Maximizing Pay-per-Click Strategies.

Chapter 7: Increasing Keyword Success.

Chapter 8: Understanding and Using Behavioral Targeting.

Chapter 9: Managing Keyword and PPC Campaigns.

Chapter 10: Keyword Tools and Services.

Chapter 11: Tagging Your Web Site.

Chapter 12: The Content Piece of the Puzzle.

Chapter 13: Understanding the Role of Links and Linking.

Part III: Optimizing Search Strategies.

Chapter 14: Adding Your Site to Directories.

Chapter 15: Pay-for-Inclusion Services.

Chapter 16: Robots, Spiders, and Crawlers.

Chapter 17: The Truth About SEO Spam.

Chapter 18: Adding Social-Media Optimization.

Chapter 19: Automated Optimization.

Part IV: Maintaining SEO.

Chapter 20: SEO Beyond the Launch.

Chapter 21: Analyzing Success.


Appendix A: Optimization for Major Search Engines.

Appendix B: Industry Interviews.

Appendix C: SEO Software, Tools, and Resources.

Appendix D: Worksheets.



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Author Information

Jerri L. Ledford has been a freelance business technology writer for more than 15 years. Over 750 of her articles, profiles, news stories, and reports have appeared online and in print. She also develops and teaches technology training courses for such companies as IBT Financial, Hewlett Packard, and CNET. She is the author of Google Powered: Productivity with Online Tools and coauthor of Google Analytics, both from Wiley.
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