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Whale Hunting: How to Land Big Sales and Transform Your Company

ISBN: 978-0-470-18269-7
288 pages
January 2008
Whale Hunting: How to Land Big Sales and Transform Your Company (0470182695) cover image
Using the ancient Inuit whale hunt as a metaphor for big sales, Whale Hunting gives you a clear nine-phase model for successfully finding, landing, and harvesting whale-sized sales accounts—the kind of sales that transform your business. Here, you’ll learn how to turn the dangerous endeavor of selling to large companies and big contracts into a strategy for continued success and growth. Stop wasting time with little accounts and start landing monster accounts.
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Author Biographies.

CHAPTER 1 The Whale Hunters’ Story.

Inspiration from the Inuit whale hunters—how we got here.

CHAPTER 2 Signs of the Times.

Brief history of why the sales process is more difficult and complex today than it used to be; overview of the Whale Hunters’ Process.

CHAPTER 3 Know the Whale.

Define your ocean, chart your waters, and create a target fi lter.

CHAPTER 4 Send Out the Scouts.

Populate your whale chart, complete dossiers, define whale signs, create a tracking system, and establish performance metrics.

CHAPTER 5 Set the Harpoon.

Plan your initial contacts, control “the aperture of perception,” go in the right door, and ask great questions.

CHAPTER 6 Ride the Whale.

Launch a boat, analyze the buyers’ table, power your boat, and define metrics for the boat’s performance.

CHAPTER 7 Capture the Whale.

Define the steps of progressive discovery, progressive disclosure; map your process, and refi ne your proposals.

CHAPTER 8 Sew the Mouth Shut.

Stage the “big show,” anticipate spoilers, use your chief, and get on the whale’s calendar.

CHAPTER 9 Beach the Whale.

Prepare your village, accelerate capacity and velocity, align reward systems, and communi cate with the whale.

CHAPTER 10 Honor the Whale.

Build a fast-growth culture, make and keep promises, improve handoffs, and control barnacles.

CHAPTER 11 Celebrate the Whale.

Conduct “lessons learned,” communicate your gratitude, feed the ravens, and search for ambergris.

Epilogue: Let the Hunt Begin.

Our challenge to you!



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Tom Searcy and Dr. Barbara Weaver Smith are founders of The Whale Hunters, a sales and business process development company dedicated to strategies for rapid business growth. Building on Searcy's experience in leading four companies through accelerated growth in sales and revenue and Smith's background in managing the culture of growth, they help their clients grow quickly by engaging their entire company in selling and delivering big deals with large companies.
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