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Facilitation Skills Inventory Observer Guide

ISBN: 978-0-470-18903-0
32 pages
January 2009, Pfeiffer
Facilitation Skills Inventory Observer Guide (0470189037) cover image


Growing beyond the exclusive domain of professional facilitators, facilitation has become a core competency for anyone who runs meetings, leads a team, or manages a project. In addition, the concept of facilitation is a vital core leadership capability.

Based on Ingrid Bens' best-selling book Facilitating with Ease, your Observer Guide will give you an opportunity to test participants' facilitation skills by administrating the author's highly acclaimed Facilitation Skills Inventory (FSI).

This tested assessment will help you provide invaluable feedback on the participants' core knowledge, tactical awareness, and observed behaviors. A flexible tool, the Facilitation Skills Inventory offers an opportunity for:

  • Corporations to use a standardized set of criteria in assessing the current skill levels and training needs of managers and leaders.
  • Employees to assess their current level of competency and help identify personal learning goals.
  • Trainers to design effective?classroom activities.
  • Educational institutions to reliably test for competence.

The Facilitation Skills Inventory is an ideal starting point for gauging, better understanding, and honing anyone's facilitation skills.

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Table of Contents


The Important Role of the Observer.

Observer Profile.

The FSI Skill Levels.

The FSI Competencies.

Cut Scores.

The Observation Process.

The Scoring Process.

The Feedback Process.

FSI Sample Observation Sheet.

Observation Sheets.

Facilitation Skills Inventory: Observer.

FSI Scoring Sheet.

Averaging Sheet.

Program Evaluation.

Suggested Reading.

About the Author.

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Author Information

Ingrid Bens, the author of the best-selling Facilitating with Ease, is a consultant and trainer who specializes in facilitation skills, team building, conflict management, employee participation, and organizational change. She is a partner in Participative Dynamics (offices in Toronto, Canada and Sarasota, Florida) with clients from such diverse organizations as General Electric, The United Way, AAA, the Environmental Protection Agency, Boeing, Bayer, and the AARP. Bens has taught at the Federal Government's Graduate Business School and is a popular facilitator and conference speaker.
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