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Grids: Creative Solutions for Graphic Design

ISBN: 978-0-470-19508-6
224 pages
January 2008
Grids: Creative Solutions for Graphic Design (0470195088) cover image


A grid well used makes all the difference between a flat layout, and one that has real flair and visual appeal. This practical book gives designers of all levels the inspiration and know-how to create great layouts. Exemplary designs are overprinted with their underlying grid, and detailed captions discuss how the designers have utilized the grid to provide structure, and add movement, flexibility, and impact to their design.

Crammed with ideas for different ways of using space, type, and images, Grids also explores innovative ideas for navigational devices and information design. Details of measurements and specs allow designers to apply, adapt, and refine the elements shown to create their own unique and dynamic layouts. This is a truly indispensable reference book for all students and practitioners of graphic design.

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Table of Contents


Catalogs, leaflets & brochures.


Illustrated books.


Magazines, newspapers and newsletters.


Posters and fliers.


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The Wiley Advantage

  • Accessible and highly practical design resource packed full of layout grids for all types of print publication
  • Includes grids for magazines, newspapers, catalogs, brochures, posters, flyers, illustrated books, and more
  • Crammed with ideas for different ways of using space, type, images and other page elements, such as headers, footers, running heads, and navigational devices
  • All 90 grids can be easily scanned and copied – a task made easy by the “lay flat” binding and foldout elements 
  • Detailed captions explain the format, measurements, and other relevant practical details, including international paper formats
  • Accompanying CD contains over 90 grids ready for use in InDesign and QuarkXPress
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