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The Complete CFO Handbook : From Accounting to Accountability

ISBN: 978-0-470-19576-5
896 pages
February 2008
The Complete CFO Handbook : From Accounting to Accountability  (0470195762) cover image
This must-have reference covers all of the major areas of cost accounting and analysis including product costing, relevant costs, cost-volume analysis, performance evaluation, transfer pricing, and capital budgeting.
  • Includes methods of reorganizing, classifying, allocating, aggregating, and reporting actual costs and comparing them with standard costs.
  • Equips experienced cost accountants with a reference tool and students with a thorough textbook.
  • Provides numerous examples, succinct language, chapter review, glossary, and appendices.
  • Includes an abundance of exercises, many of which are based on exam questions from the CPA and CMA exams.
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About the Authors.

Chapter 1. The Changing role of the CFO: From Accounting to Accountable.

Part One. Funding.

Chapter 2. Capital Structure Decisions.

Chapter 3. Types of Debt Financing.

Chapter 4. Equity Funding.

Chapter 5. Structured Financing: Asset Securitization and Structured Notes.

Part Two. Strategy, Taxes, and risk Management.

Chapter 6. Strategy and Financial Planning.

Chapter 7. Basics of Corporate Taxes and Tax risk Management.

Chapter 8. Corporate Risk Management.

Part Three. Performance Evaluation.

Chapter 9. Financial Ratio Analysis.

Chapter 10. Cash Flow Analysis.

Chapter 11. Decentralized Operations and responsibility Accounting.

Chapter 12. Responsibility Center Performance Evaluation.

Chapter 13. Transfer Pricing.

Part Four. Asset Management.

Chapter 14. Capital Budgeting and Cash Flow Analysis.

Chapter 15. Capital Budgeting Techniques.

Chapter 16. Capital Budgeting and Risk.

Chapter 17. Leasing.

Chapter 18. Managing Short-Term Assets.

Part Five. Cost and Managerial Accounting.

Chapter 19. Classifying Costs.

Chapter 20. Costing and Control of Materials, Labor, and Factory Overhead.

Chapter 21. Job Order and Process Costing.

Chapter 22. Joint Product and Byproduct Costing.

Chapter 23. Master Budget.

Chapter 24. Standard Costing.

Chapter 25. Direct and Absorption Costing.


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Frank J. Fabozzi, PhD, CFA, CPA, is Professor in the Practice of Finance in the School of Management at Yale University. He is a Fellow of the International Center for Finance at Yale University and serves on the Advisory Council for the Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering at Princeton University. He has authored and edited numerous books in finance.

Pamela Peterson Drake, PhD, CFA, is the J. Gray Ferguson Professor of Finance and Department Head of Finance and Business Law at James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia. She is author or coauthor of numerous books and articles.

Ralph S. Polimeni, PhD, CPA, is the Vice Provost for Accreditation and Assessment and holds the Chaykin Endowed Chair in Accounting at Hofstra University, Long Island, New York. He has authored numerous articles and books on accounting.

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