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Corpocracy: How CEOs and the Business Roundtable Hijacked the World's Greatest Wealth Machine -- And How to Get It Back

ISBN: 978-0-470-22580-6
240 pages
March 2008
Corpocracy: How CEOs and the Business Roundtable Hijacked the World


Shareholder control over large corporations is worryingly weak and the unrestrained hunt for profits is taking a toll on the environment and society. In Corpocracy, corporate lawyer, venture capitalist, and shareholder activist Robert Monks reveals how corporations abuse their power and what we the people must do to rein them in. In a clear and careful analysis, Monks outlines a plan for reconciling the competing interests of corporations and society through thoughtful shareholder activism.
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Table of Contents




Chapter 1: An Audience with the Emperor.

Chapter 2: Economics Ascendant.

Chapter 3: The Godfather.

Chapter 4: The Business Roundtable.

Chapter 5: Inside the Corpocracy.

Chapter 6: House Take.

Chapter 7: Efficiences "R" Us.

Chapter 8: Return of the Blob.

Chapter 9: The Great and the Good.

Chapter 10: Still, I Dare to Dream.




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Author Information

Robert A. G. Monks is the founder of ISS, The Corporate Library, the LENS Fund, and Governance for Owners. A CEO in two industries and the director of ten publicly traded companies, he was placed in charge of the national pension system and made a founding trustee of the Federal Employees Retirement System by Ronald Reagan. He has written six books in the fields of governance, including, with Nell Minow, Corporate Governance.
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...a formidable polemic …its unarguable point about unaccountable corporate power cannot be ignored." (The Financial Times, January 28, 2008)

"a facinating read" (City AM podcast www.cityam.com, Wednesday 23rd January 2008)

"...a timely new book...deserves to be read."  (Pensions & Investments, Monday 21st January 2008)

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