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Joyful Reading : Differentiation and Enrichment for Successful Literacy Learning, Grades K-8

ISBN: 978-0-470-22881-4
272 pages
April 2009, Jossey-Bass
Joyful Reading : Differentiation and Enrichment for Successful Literacy Learning, Grades K-8  (0470228814) cover image


Joyful Reading offers teachers a differentiated instructional approach for motivating students at varied levels to discover the rewards and delights of reading appropriately challenging books. Authored by Sally M. Reis, an acclaimed scholar of gifted and talented education, the book describes the Schoolwide Enrichment Model for Reading (SEM-R), an easy-to-implement program that encourages students to read independently for a period of time during the school day on books of their own choice while supporting them in learning comprehension strategies. The program includes three phases:
  • a Book Hook component in which the teacher reads aloud from a high-interest book while engaging the class in critical thinking responses
  • a Supported Independent Reading component in which students are encouraged to select and read progressively challenging books while the teacher offers instruction through individualized confer-ences
  • a Special Interest component in which students engage in reading-enrichment activities
The SEM-R program has been shown by research to improve students' fluency and comprehension as well as their attitudes toward reading and is praised by teachers for getting students excited about books. The book includes a DVD showing teachers using the program. A companion book, The Joyful Reading Resource Kit, is also available.
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Table of Contents


The Authors.


1. The Schoolwide Enrichment Model for Reading (SEM-R): Why now?

2. Why Differentiate Reading Instruction?

3. Reading Instruction Essentials.


4. Hooking Kids on Reading: Phase I.

5. Supported Independent Reading and Conferences: Phase II.

6. Facilitating Interest and Choice: Phase III.


7. Library and Classroom Management Strategies.

8. Differentiated Practices to Challenge all Readers.

9. Making Use of Literacy Coaches.

10. The Program in After-School and Other Settings.


A. Sample SEM-R Bookmarks (4).

B. Reading Interest-a-Lyzer.

C. Book Lists and Resources.

D. Sun/Cloud Template.

E. Reading Growth Graph.

F. Teacher Log: Template and Examples.

G. Student Log: Template and Examples.



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Author Information

Sally M. Reis, Ph.D., is professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Connecticut where she also serves as principal investigator for the National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented. Widely published, Reis conducts workshops and provides professional development to schools and districts both nationally and internationally. Her colleagues and coauthors are all professors in reading, educational psychology, and curriculum and instruction with extensive experience in SEM-R.

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Additional Materials: FAQs with Sally Reis
p. 253 of Joyful Reading refers to a second section of the DVD entitled ?Additional Materials: FAQs with Sally Reis.? These videos were left off of the DVD provided with the book, but can be accessed at the following link:www.wiley/go/riesfaqs
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