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Physical Properties of Macromolecules

ISBN: 978-0-470-22893-7
801 pages
November 2010
Physical Properties of Macromolecules (0470228938) cover image


Explains and analyzes polymer physical chemistry research methods and experimental data

Taking a fresh approach to polymer physical chemistry, Physical Properties of Macromolecules integrates the two foundations of physical polymer science, theory and practice. It provides the tools to understand polymer science concepts and research methods, while also instructing how to analyze experimental data.

Drawing on the author's own extensive research in physical properties of polymers as well as more traditional topics, this text offers detailed analysis of numerous problems in polymer science, including laboratory data and research results. Topics include:

  • Solid-state dynamics of polymeric materials
  • Glass transitions in amorphous polymers

  • Semicrystalline polymers and melting transitions

  • Viscoelastic behavior

  • Relaxation processes

  • Macromolecule-metal complexes

  • Mechanical properties of linear and crosslinked polymers

Filled with detailed graphs to help explain important quantitative trends, Physical Properties of Macromolecules teaches by example, ensuring comprehension of the subject as well as the methodology to implement theory, problem-solving techniques, and research results in practical situations. This resource serves as the ideal companion for government laboratories, industrial research scientists, engineers, and professionals in polymer science fields who are interested in fully grasping all aspects of physical polymer science.

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Table of Contents


Part One Glass Transitions in Amorphous Polymers.

1. Glass Transitions in Amorphous Polymers: Basic Concepts.

2. Diffusion in Amorphous Polymers Near the Glass Transition Temperature.

3. Lattice Theories for Polymer–Small-Molecule Mixtures and the Conformational Entropy Description of the Glass Transition Temperature.

4. dc Electric Field Effects on First- and Second-Order Phase Transitions in Pure Materials and Binary Mixtures.

5. Order Parameters for Glasses: Pressure and Compositional Dependence of the Glass Transition Temperature.

6. Macromolecule–Metal Complexes: Ligand Field Stabilization and Glass Transition Temperature Enhancement.

Part Two Semicrystalline Polymers and Melting Transitions.

7. Basic Concepts and Molecular Optical Anisotropy in Semicrystalline Polymers.

8. Crystallization Kinetics via Spherulitic Growth.

9. Experimental Analysis of Semicrystalline Polymers.

Part Three Mechanical Properties of Linear and Crosslinked Polymers.

10. Mechanical Properties of Viscoelastic Materials: Basic Concepts in Linear Viscoelasticity.

11. Nonlinear Stress Relaxation in Macromolecule–Metal Complexes.

12. Kinetic Analysis of Molecular Weight Distribution Functions in Linear Polymers.

13. Gaussian Statistics of Linear Chain Molecules and Crosslinked Elastomers.

14. Classical and Statistical Thermodynamics of Rubber-Like Materials.

Part Four Solid State Dynamics of Polymeric Materials.

15. Molecular Dynamics via Magnetic Resonance, Viscoelastic, and Dielectric Relaxation Phenomena.

16. Magnetic Spin Diffusion at the Nanoscale in Multiphase Polymers and Molecular Complexes.



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Author Information

LARRY BELFIORE, PhD, is a professor of chemical engineering in the department of chemical and biological engineering at Colorado State University. He has written seventy refereed journal publications, seven book chapters, thirty-four proceedings, and has presented more than one hundred lectures at national and international symposia. He is the author of Transport Phenomena for Chemical Reactor Design, published by Wiley.
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"This resource serves as the ideal companion for government laboratories, industrial research scientists, engineers and professionals in polymer science fields who are interested in fully grasping all aspects of physical polymer science". (ET Polymers, 8 January 2011)

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