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The Zone of Insolvency: How Nonprofits Avoid Hidden Liabilities & Build Financial Strength

ISBN: 978-0-470-24581-1
240 pages
April 2008
The Zone of Insolvency: How Nonprofits Avoid Hidden Liabilities & Build Financial Strength (0470245816) cover image


Written by Ron Mattocks, Zone of Insolvency shines a bright and urgent light on the real issue of creating financial strength across the whole spectrum of nonprofit organizations. This insightful book uniquely shows you how to rise above "business as usual" with workable solutions to launch your organization out of the Zone of Insolvency and into financial viability.
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Table of Contents

Part One: Perspective.

1. United Way of America: Business or Charity?

2. Foundation for New Era Philanthropy: Too Good To Be True.

3. Allegheny Health, Education & Research Foundation: Toxic Growth.

4. National Allianceace of Business: Proactive In Closure.

5. United Way National Capital Area: Rights of Ownership.

6. Baptist Foundation of Arizona: Too Good To Be True (Act II).

7. Western Fairfax Christian Ministries: Faith Vs. Prudence.

8. American Red Cross: Aggressive Stance Against Fraud.

9. Electronic Industries Alliance: Dissolution Celebration.

10. Women in Community Service: Know When To Fold 'em.

Part Two: Naming the Disease.

11. Detecting the Zone of Insolvency.

12. Governance Risks.

Part Three: Symptoms.

13. Fundraising Hazards.

14. Dissolution Issues.

15. Common Characteristics of Financially Distressed Nonprofits.

16. Common Characteristics of Financially Strong Nonprofits.

Part Four: The Cure.

17. Assessment.

18. Acknowledgement.

19. Commitment.

20. Action.

21. Conclusion.

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Author Information

Ron Mattocks has over thirty years' experience developing financial strength for nonprofit organizations. He has served as executive staff, board member, and/or consultant with a wide array of nonprofits, from the largest to the smallest, from financially strongest to financially weakest, participating in hundreds of board meetings and working with dozens of management teams. As a consultant, lecturer, and author, he focuses on helping nonprofit organizations identify the liabilities of living in the Zone of Insolvency, and commit to solutions for long-term strength. For additional information, visit www.zoneofinsolvency.com.

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