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Guidelines for Process Safety Acquisition Evaluation and Post Merger Integration

ISBN: 978-0-470-25148-5
336 pages
July 2010
Guidelines for Process Safety Acquisition Evaluation and Post Merger Integration (0470251484) cover image


It is crucial for process safety professionals to be aware of best practices for post merger integration at any level. A compilation of industry best practices from both technical and financial perspectives, this book provides a single reference that addresses acquisitions and merger integration issues related to process safety. Presently, there are limited references on how to handle acquisitions in several different CCPS publications and almost no coverage of the post-merger integration issue, so this reference fills a notable gap in the coverage.
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary.

Why this Guideline?

Chapter 1 An Overview of Process Safety.

Chapter 2 The Merger and Acquisition Process.

Chapter 3 Screening Potential Candidates.

Chapter 4 The Due Diligence Phase.

Chapter 5 Developing the Integration Plan.

Chapter 6 Implementing the Integration Plan.

Chapter 7 M&A In The Future.

The Appendices.

1 An Overview of Process Safety.

1.0 Courtney’s story - continued.

1.1 Why this Guideline?

1.2 Understanding the basics.

1.3 Hazard versus Risk - Is there a Difference?

1.4 Good Injury Rate Does Not Equal Good Process Safety Performance.

1.5 Understand the Hazards of Chemicals Handled on Site.

1.6 Don’t forget about the Dust Explosion Hazard.

1.7 Unique Considerations at Facilities that Handle HHCS.

1.8 Resources for Process Safety.

2 The Merger and Acquisition Process.

2.0 Courtney’s story - continued.

2.1 Changing World of Corporate Profiles.

2.2 Overview of the M&A Process.

2.3 Scalability (big/small; single site verse multiple site deals).

2.4 Key Terms and Concepts.

2.5 Process Safety in the M&A process.

2.6 Financial Strategists can have high impact on process safety systems.

3 Screening Potential Candidates.

3.0 Courtney’s story - continued.

3.1 Using Public Domain Information for Screening.

3.2 Using a Checklist to Identify Potential Process Safety Issues.

4 The Due Diligence Phase.

4.0 Courtney’s story - continued.

4.1 Introduction.

4.2 The Divestment Due Diligence.

4.3 The Acquisition.

4.4 Did the Deal Close?

5 Developing The Integration Plan.

5.0 Courtney’s story - continued.

5.1 Developing the Integration Plan and Process.

6 Implementing the Integration Plan.

6.0 Courtney’s story - continued.

6.1 A Generic Change Model.

6.2 The Integration Path Forward.

6.3 An Alternate Bottom-Up Approach to Integration.

6.4 Differences Between Facilities, Business Units.

6.5 Step 3 - Working Through the Implementation Itself.

7 M&A in the Future.

7.0 Courtney’s story - continued.

The Appendices.

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Author Information

Since 1985, the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) has been the world leader in developing and disseminating information on process safety management and technology. CCPS, an industry technology alliance of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), has published over 80 books in its process safety guidelines and process safety concepts series, and over 100 training modules through its Safety in Chemical Engineering Education (SACHE) series.
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