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Design - Build - Run: Applied Practices and Principles for Production Ready Software Development

ISBN: 978-0-470-25763-0
720 pages
February 2009
Design - Build - Run: Applied Practices and Principles for Production Ready Software Development (0470257636) cover image
This unique and critical book shares no-fail secrets for building software and offers tried-and-true practices and principles for software design, development, and testing for mission-critical systems that must not fail. A veteran software architect walks you through the lifecycle of a project as well as each area of production readiness—functionality, availability, performance and scalability, operability, maintainability, and extensibility, and highlights their key concepts.
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Part I: Production Ready Software.

Chapter 1: "Production" Readiness.

Chapter 2: The Quality Landscape.

Chapter 3: Preparing for "Production".

Chapter 4: The Ins and Outs of Construction.

Part II: The Production Landscape.

Chapter 5: The Production Environment.

Chapter 6: Activities and Environments.

Chapter 7: Service Delivery and Operations.

Chapter 8: Monitoring and Alerts.

Chapter 9: Reporting and Analytics.

Chapter 10: Batch.

Chapter 11: Incident Investigation.

Chapter 12: Application Maintenance.

Part III: Case Study.

Chapter 13: Introducing the Case Study.

Chapter 14: Planning the Architecture.

Chapter 15: Modeling the Application.

Part IV: Patterns and Practices.

Chapter 16: Designing for Batch.

Chapter 17: Designing for Reporting.

Chapter 18: Designing for Performance.

Chapter 19: Designing for Resilience.

Chapter 20: Designing for Monitoring.

Chapter 21: Designing for Incident Investigation.

Chapter 22: Designing for Application Maintenance.

Chapter 23: Designing for Testing.

Chapter 24: Designing for Deployment.

Part V: Conclusion.

Chapter 25: Review and Wrap-up.

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