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Beading VISUAL Quick Tips

ISBN: 978-0-470-34383-8
224 pages
January 2009
Beading VISUAL Quick Tips (0470343834) cover image


Expert tips and tricks for making beaded jewelry are at your fingertips–anywhere you go. Beading VISUAL Quick Tips has the answers you need. With detailed color photos and concise instructions, it shows you how to make beautiful beaded jewelry using the hottest beading supplies and beading techniques: stringing and finishing beading wire, cord, thread, and ribbon; using head and eye pins; knotting between beads; creating beaded knots and lace; making tassels and fringe; weaving with the peyote stitch; beading with macrame knots and braids; and more.
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Table of Contents

Beads and Beading Supplies.

Beads, Pendants, and Charms.

Stringing Materials.

Tools and Supplies.

Jewelry Findings.

Basic Bead Stringing Techniques.

Prepare a Design.

Grades of Beading Wire.

String and Finish Beading Wire.

Hide Crimps.

Cover Beading Wire Loops.

String and Finish Beading Cord.

String and Finish Beading Thread.

String and Finish Ribbon.

String and Finish Memory Wire.

Use Head Pins and Eye Pins.

More Advanced Bead Stringing Techniques.

Use a Multiple Strand Clasp.

Use End Cones.

Knot Between Beads.

String Beads Within Knots.

Create Beaded Lace.

Create Beaded Drops.

Create Simple Beaded Fringe.

Create Looped Beaded Fringe.

Construct Beaded Tassels.

Stitch Ladder Beads Between Cords.

Weave a Daisy Chain.

Bead Weaving with the Peyote Stitch.

Select Beads, Thread, and Needles.

Begin an Initial Strand of Thread.

Create a Band of Even-Count Flat Peyote Stitch.

End a Thread by Weaving-In.

Add a New Thread Mid-Project.

Add Simple Fringe.

Add Looped Fringe or Drops.

Attach a Clasp.

Zip-Up the Flat Peyote Stitch.

Beading with Macramé Knots and Braids.

Cord Terminology.

Set Up a Knotting Board.

Learn the Basic Macramé Knots.

Add Beads Between Macramé Knots.

Add Beads Within Macramé Knots.

Braid Cords Together.

Add Beads Within Braids.

Beaded and Knotted Bails,Clasps, and Closures.

Construct a Beaded Faux Pendant Bail.

Make a Simple Bead-and-Loop Clasp.

Make a Button-and-Loop Clasp.

Make a Wrapped Bead-and-Loop Clasp.

Create a Sliding Knot Closure.

Make a Double Leather Cord Closure.

Weave a Peyote Stitch Toggle Clasp.

Appendix: Reference Materials.


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