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Java All-in-One For Dummies, 3rd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-470-37172-5
912 pages
August 2011
Java All-in-One For Dummies, 3rd Edition (0470371722) cover image


Nine handy minibooks cover just what programmers need to get going with Java 7

The newest release of Java has more robust functionality to help web and mobile developers get the most ouf of this platform-independent programming language. Like its bestselling previous editions, Java All-in-One For Dummies, 3rd Edition has what you need to get up and running quickly with the new version. Covering the enhanced mobile development and syntax features as well as programming improvements, this guide makes it easy to find what you want and put it to use.

  • Focuses on the vital information that enables you to get up and running quickly on the new version
  • Covers the enhanced multimedia features as well as programming enhancements, Java and XML, Swing, server-side Java, Eclipse, and more
  • Minibooks cover Java basics; programming basics; strings, arrays, and collections; programming techniques; Swing; Web programming; files and databases; and a "fun and games" category

Rather than trying to cover every aspect of this massive topic, Java All-in-One For Dummies, 3rd Edition focuses on the practical information you need to become productive with Java 7 right away.

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Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Book I: Java Basics 7

Chapter 1: Welcome to Java 9

Chapter 2: Installing and Using Java Tools 21

Chapter 3: Working with TextPad 35

Book II: Programming Basics 43

Chapter 1: Java Programming Basics 45

Chapter 2: Working with Variables and Data Types 65

Chapter 3: Working with Numbers and Expressions 97

Chapter 4: Making Choices 125

Chapter 5: Going Around in Circles (Or, Using Loops) 147

Chapter 6: Pulling a Switcheroo 173

Chapter 7: Adding Some Methods to Your Madness 185

Chapter 8: Handling Exceptions 203

Book III: Object-Oriented Programming 223

Chapter 1: Understanding Object-Oriented Programming 225

Chapter 2: Making Your Own Classes 237

Chapter 3: Working with Statics 253

Chapter 4: Using Subclasses and Inheritance 261

Chapter 5: Using Abstract Classes and Interfaces 281

Chapter 6: Using the Object and Class Classes 293

Chapter 7: Packaging and Documenting Your Classes 319

Book IV: Strings, Arrays, and Collections 335

Chapter 1: Working with Strings 337

Chapter 2: Using Arrays 355

Chapter 3: Using the ArrayList Class383

Chapter 4: Using the LinkedList Class 395

Chapter 5: Creating Generic Collection Classes 407

Book V: Programming Techniques 421

Chapter 1: Programming Threads 423

Chapter 2: Network Programming 451

Chapter 3: Using Regular Expressions 475

Chapter 4: Using Recursion 491

Book VI: Swing 505

Chapter 1: Swinging into Swing 507

Chapter 2: Handling Events 523

Chapter 3: Getting Input from the User 541

Chapter 4: Choosing from a List 569

Chapter 5: Using Layout Managers 593

Book VII: Web Programming 615

Chapter 1: Creating Applets 617

Chapter 2: Creating Servlets 625

Chapter 3: Using JavaServer Pages 647

Book VIII: Files and Databases 661

Chapter 1: Working with Files 663

Chapter 2: Working with File Streams 685

Chapter 3: Database for $100, Please 713

Chapter 4: Using JDBC to Connect to a Database 729

Chapter 5: Working with XML 747

Book IX: Fun and Games 765

Chapter 1: Fun with Fonts and Colors 767

Chapter 2: Drawing Shapes 781

Chapter 3: Using Images and Sound 803

Chapter 4: Animation and Game Programming 817

Bonus Chapters on the Companion Web Site .... www.dummies.com/go/javaaiofd3e

Bonus Chapter 1: Using Eclipse

Bonus Chapter 2: Using BigDecimals

Bonus Chapter 3: Twiddling Your Bits

Bonus Chapter 4: Making Menus

Bonus Chapter 5: Using JavaBeans

Index 835

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Author Information

Doug Lowe began writing programming books before Java was invented. He's covered COBOL, Fortran, Visual Basic, Web programming, and more, and is the bestselling author of more than 30 For Dummies books, including all editions of Java All-in-One For Dummies.
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