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Professional Refactoring in Visual Basic

ISBN: 978-0-470-37254-8
517 pages
March 2008
Professional Refactoring in Visual Basic (0470372540) cover image


In this one-of-a-kind book, Microsoft MVP Danijel Arsenovski shows you how to utilize the power of refactoring to improve the design of your existing code and become more efficient and productive. You?ll discover how to perform unit testing, refactoring to patterns, and refactoring to upgrade legacy Visual Basic code. As you progress through the chapters, you?ll build a prototype application from scratch as Arsenovski walks you step-by-step through each process while offering expert coding tips.
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Table of Contents


Part I: Introduction to Refactoring.

Chapter 1: Refactoring: What’s All the Fuss About?

Chapter 2: A First Taste of Refactoring.

Chapter 3: Assembling a Refactoring Toolkit.

Chapter 4: Rent-a-Wheels Application Prototype.

Part II: Preliminary VB Refactorings.

Chapter 5: Chameleon Language: From Weak Static Typing to Strong Dynamic Typing.

Chapter 6: Error Handling: From Legacy to Structured in a Few Easy Steps.

Chapter 7: Basic Hygiene: Eliminating Dead Code, Reducing Scope, Using Explicit Imports, and Removing Unused References.

Part III: Getting Started with Standard Refactoring Transformations.

Chapter 8: From Problem Domain to Code: Closing the Gap.

Chapter 9: The Method Extraction Remedy for Duplicated Code.

Chapter 10: Method Consolidation and Extraction Techniques.

Part IV: Advanced Refactorings.

Chapter 11: Discovering Objects.

Chapter 12: Advanced Object-Oriented Concepts and Related Refactorings.

Chapter 13: Code Organization on a Large Scale.

Part V: Refactoring Applied.

Chapter 14: Refactoring to Patterns.

Chapter 15: LINQ and Other VB 2008 Enhancements.

Chapter 16: The Future of Legacy VB Code.

Appendix A: Unleash Refactor!

Appendix B: Rent-a-Wheels Prototype Internals and Intricacies.


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Author Information

Danijel Arsenovski is a software developer from Santiago, Chile. Currently, he works as Product and Solutions Architect at Excelsys S.A, designing Internet banking solutions for numerous clients in the region. He started experimenting with refactoring while overhauling a huge banking system, and he hasn’t lost interest in refactoring ever since. He pioneered the use of refactoring as a vehicle for a VB 6 code upgrade to VB .NET. Arsenovski is a contributing author for Visual Studio Magazine and Visual Systems Journal, holds a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) certification, and was named Visual Basic MVP in 2005.
You can reach him at danijel.arsenovski@empoweragile.com, and you can take a look at his blog at http://blog.vbrefactoring.com.
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