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Pocket Guide to the Afterlife: Heaven, Hell, and Other Ultimate Destinations

ISBN: 978-0-470-37311-8
224 pages
August 2009, Jossey-Bass
Pocket Guide to the Afterlife: Heaven, Hell, and Other Ultimate Destinations (0470373113) cover image


"Fearless, deep, and snarky. And did I mention funny? Oh my goodness this guy is funny."
Dean Nelson, author, God Hides in Plain Sight, and director, Writer's Symposium by the Sea at Point Loma

Where do we go when we die? Will we have personal chats with God on fluffy clouds? What are the odds I will be devoured by a demon? Life's deepest mysteries question what happens when life is over.

With Pocket Guide to the Afterlife, Jason Boyett becomes your tour guide to the Great Beyond. From the profound to the profane, from the light at the end of the tunnel to your ascension to the celestial void, here's everything you need to know this side of the everlasting Unknown, including

  • What to expect upon arrival in destinations like Heaven, Purgatory, and the Chinvat Bridge
  • Whether your understanding of the Christian Hell comes from the Bible or from an Italian poet

  • Which dream scenarios you'll want to avoid because they predict your impending demise

  • Why defibrillators are so important when it comes to having near-death experiences

Pondering your eventual demise has never been so much fun.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Cosmic Lexicon (A Glossary of the Hereafter).

Chapter 2: Great Moments in Eternity, Part 1 (A Timeline: 2000 B.C.E. to 1563).

Chapter 3: Great Moments in Eternity, Part 2 (A Timeline: 1743 to Present Day).

Chapter 4: Geography of the Beyond (Where You Might Go).

Chapter 5: The Bible on Heaven (A Scriptural Tour of Glory).

Chapter 6: The Bible on Hell (A Holy Trek Through the Fiery Pit).

Chapter 7: The Afterlists (Cataloging Kingdom Come).

Selected Bibliography.

The Author.

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Author Information

Jason Boyett is not a professional theologian or historian but that hasn't stopped him from writing this book. His work has appeared in a variety of publications as well as on his blog (www.jasonboyett.com). He lives in Texas with his wife and children.
The Pocket Guide Series explains complex religious subjects with a lethal dose of educational hilarity, guided by the author's insatiable curiosity, humor, and gentle irreverence. The Pocket Guide series includes Pocket Guide to Sainthood, Pocket Guide to the Bible, and this book. Discover more at www.pocketguidesite.com.
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Who says death can't be funny? Boyett, the author of two other Pocket Guides (to Sainthood and to the Bible), has a gift for irreverent, humorous prose that is also quite informative. This guide is a hodge-podge mix of factoids, kitsch and jokes about what various religions teach regarding what happens after we die. The author covers a wide swath of material, from Mayan and Aztec religions to the invention of the defibrillator and its connection to increased near-death experiences. Boyett also takes a walk through the Bible to highlight what it states about heaven and hell and who is likely to end up in each. The Lettermanesque “Afterlists” are quite amusing—such as “18 symbols of death throughout the ages” and “11 highly attractive synonyms for heaven.” The author should be commended for the user-friendly layout and for laboring to explicate non-Western religious traditions to a largely Western audience. Here's hoping this pocket guide series does not die off anytime soon. (Aug.) (Publishers Weekly, June 8, 2009)
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Press Release

August 10, 2009
POCKET GUIDE TO THE AFTERLIFE: Heaven, Hell, and Other Ultimate Destinations

Using his trademark humor, sarcasm, and slight dose of irreverence to entertain and educate readers on the complex issue of the afterlife, author Jason Boyett demystifies the profound and the profane of the hereafter in his newly released POCKET GUIDE TO THE AFTERLIFE: Heaven, Hell, and Other Ultimate Destinations (Jossey-Bass, a Wiley imprint; August 2009; $12.95 / Paper; ISBN: 978-0-470-37311-8).

Designed to painlessly tackle complex religious topics in a succinct format, POCKET TO THE AFTERLIFE provides a brief and clever look into the varying beliefs on heaven, hell, and everything in between. Quirky content includes:

- A glossary of the differences between Ghosts and Demons, The Five Pillars of Wisdom and The Four Noble Truths, and Reincarnation and Resurrection
- A journey to the beyond of the Celestial Kingdom, the Chinvat Bridge, and Jahannam
- A list of the seven deadly sins and ways people might be purified from them in purgatory

Perfect for gifts, small group studies, or personal enjoyment, POCKET GUIDE TO THE AFTERLIFE, along with the other newly released titles in the series – Pocket Guide to the Bible and Pocket Guide to Sainthood, is small in size, hip in design, and cleverly illustrated. Pondering your eventual demise has never been so fun.

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