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Algorithms and Protocols for Wireless, Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

ISBN: 978-0-470-38358-2
496 pages
November 2008, Wiley-IEEE Press
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Learn the fundamental algorithms and protocols for wireless and mobile ad hoc networks

Advances in wireless networking and mobile communication technologies, coupled with the proliferation of portable computers, have led to development efforts for wireless and mobile ad hoc networks. This book focuses on several aspects of wireless ad hoc networks, particularly algorithmic methods and distributed computing with mobility and computation capabilities. It covers everything readers need to build a foundation for the design of future mobile ad hoc networks:

  • Establishing an efficient communication infrastructure

  • Robustness control for network-wide broadcast

  • The taxonomy of routing algorithms

  • Adaptive backbone multicast routing

  • The effect of inference on routing

  • Routing protocols in intermittently connected mobile ad hoc networks and delay tolerant networks

  • Transport layer protocols

  • ACK-thinning techniques for TCP in MANETs

  • Power control protocols

  • Power saving in solar powered WLAN mesh networks

  • Reputation and trust-based systems

  • Vehicular ad hoc networks

  • Cluster interconnection in 802.15.4 beacon enabled networks

The book is complemented with a set of exercises that challenge readers to test their understanding of the material. Algorithms and Protocols for Wireless and Mobile Ad Hoc Networks is appropriate as a self-study guide for electrical engineers, computer engineers, network engineers, and computer science specialists. It also serves as a valuable supplemental textbook in computer science, electrical engineering, and network engineering courses at the advanced undergraduate and graduate levels.

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Table of Contents

Preface ix

Contributors xiii

About the Editor xvii

1. Algorithms for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 1
Azzedine Boukerche, Daniel Câmara, Antonio A.F. Loureiro, and Carlos M.S. Figueiredo

2. Establishing a Communication Infrastructure in Ad Hoc Networks 21
Michel Barbeau, Evangelos Kranakis, and Ioannis Lambadaris

3. Robustness Control for Network-Wide Broadcast in Multihop Wireless Networks 51
Paul Rogers and Nael B. Abu-Ghazaleh

4. Encoding for Efficient Data Distribution in Multihop Ad Hoc Networks 87
Luciana Pelusi, Andrea Passarella, and Marco Conti

5. A Taxonomy of Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 129
Azzedine Boukerche, Mohammad Z. Ahmad, Damla Turgut, and Begumhan Turgut

6. Adaptive Backbone Multicast Routing for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 165
Chaiporn Jaikaeo and Chien-Chung Shen

7. Effect of Interference on Routing in Multihop Wireless Networks 187
Vinay Kolar and Nael B. Abu-Ghazaleh

8. Routing Protocols in Intermittently Connected Mobile Ad Hoc Networks and Delay-Tolerant Networks 219
Zhensheng Zhang

9. Transport Layer Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 251
Lap Kong Law, Srikanth V. Krishnamurthy, and Michalis Faloutsos

10. ACK-Thinning Techniques for TCP in MANETs 277
Stylianos Papanastasiou, Mohamed Ould-Khaoua, and Lewis M. MacKenzie

11. Power Control Protocols for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks 315
Junhua Zhu, Brahim Bensaou, and Farid Naït-Abdesselam

12. Power Saving in Solar-Powered WLAN Mesh Networks 353
Amir A. Sayegh, Mohammed N. Smadi, and Terence D. Todd

13. Reputation-and-Trust-Based Systems for Ad Hoc Networks 375
Avinash Srinivasan, Joshua Teitelbaum, Jie Wu, Mihaela Cardei, and Huigang Liang

14. Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks: An Emerging Technology Toward Safe and Efficient Transportation 405
Maen M. Artimy, William Robertson, and William J. Phillips

15. Performance Issues in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks 433
Maria Kihl and Mihail L. Sichitiu

16. Cluster Interconnection in 802.15.4 Beacon-Enabled Networks 459
Jelena Misic and Ranjith Udayshankar

Index 481

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Author Information

Azzedine Boukerche, PhD, is a Full Professor and holds a Canada Research Chair position in wireless networking and mobile computing at the University of Ottawa, Canada. He is the Founding Director of PARADISE Research Laboratory, also at the University of Ottawa. Dr. Boukerche has published numerous papers in the fields of wireless networks, mobile and pervasive computing, and wireless ad hoc and sensor networks. He is an associate editor of several international journals. In addition, he has contributed as general chair and program chair to many IEEE and ACM international conferences in the areas of wireless communication and mobile computing, wireless ad hoc, and sensor and mesh networking. He is the recipient of several research awards for his work in the field of wireless and mobile networking.
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