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Horticultural Reviews, Volume 35

Jules Janick (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-470-38642-2
552 pages
January 2009, Wiley-Blackwell
Horticultural Reviews, Volume 35 (0470386428) cover image


Horticultural Reviews presents state-of-the-art reviews on topics in horticultural science and technology covering both basic and applied research. Topics covered include the horticulture of fruits, vegetables, nut crops, and ornamentals. These review articles, written by world authorities, bridge the gap between the specialized researcher and the broader community of horticultural scientists and teachers. All contributions are anonymously reviewed and edited by Professor Jules Janick of Purdue University, USA, and published in the form of one or two volumes per year.

Recently published articles include:

  • Artificial Pollination in Tree Crop Production (v34)
  • Cider Apples and Cider-Making Techniques in Europe and North America (v34)
  • Garlic: Botany and Horticulture (v33)
  • Controlling Biotic Factors That Cause Postharvest Losses of Fresh Market Tomatoes (v33)
  • Taxus spp.: Botany, Horticulture, and Source of Anti-Cancer Compounds (v32)
  • The Invasive Plant Debate: A Horticultural Perspective (v32)
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Table of Contents



1. Genetic Resources and Domestication of Macadamia (Craig M. Hardner, Cameron Peace, Andrew J. Lowe, Jodi Neal, Phillip Pisanu, Michael Powell, Adele Schmidt, Chris Spain, and Kristen Williams).

I. Introduction.

II. Wild Genetic Resources.

III. Germplasm Domestication.

IV. Genetics of Key Scion Selection Traits.

V. Propagation and Rootstock Traits.

VI. Cultivar Utilization.

VII. Summary.

VIII. Acknowledgments.

IX. Literature Cited.

2. Pomegranate: Botany, Horticulture, Breeding (D. Holland, K. Hatib, and I. Bar-Ya'akov).

I. Introduction.

II. Taxonomy and Morphology.

III. Origin and Genetic Resources.

IV. Horticulture.

V. Breeding.

VI. Health Benefits.

VII. Concluding Remarks.

VIII. Acknowledgments.

IX. Literature Cited.

3. Daylily: Botany, Propagation, Breeding (Surinder K. Gulia, Bharat P. Singh, Johnny Carter, and Robert J. Griesbach).

I. Introduction.

II. Botany.

III. Anatomy and Physiology.

IV. Horticulture.

V. Genetics.

VI. Conclusion.

VII. Literature Cited.

4. Horseradish: Botany, Horticulture, Breeding (Ashraf Shehata, Richard M.S. Mulwa, Mohammad Babadoost, Mark Uchanski, Margaret A. Norton, Robert Skirvin, and S. Alan Walters).

I. Introduction.

II. History.

III. Botany.

IV. Horticulture.

V. Breeding.

VI. Literature Cited.

5. 1-Methylcyclopropene: Mode of Action and Relevance in Postharvest Horticulture Research (Wendy C. Schotsmans, Robert K. Prange, and Brad M. Binder).

I. Introduction.

II. Ethylene Response Pathway.

III. Physiological Processes Affected.

IV. Side Effects.

V. Summary and Future Research Needs.

VI. Acknowledgments.

VII. Literature Cited.

6. Postharvest Biology and Technology of Cucurbits (Steven A. Sargent and Donald N. Maynard).

I. Introduction.

II. Crops.

III. Conclusions.

IV. Literature Cited.

7. Physiological Disorders of Grape: Bunch Stem Necrosis and Early Bunch Stem Necrosis (Andrea H. Pickering, Ian J. Warrington, and David J. Woolley).

I. Introduction.

II. Physiology of Berry Growth and Development.

III. Bunch Stem Necrosis.

IV. Early Bunch Stem Necrosis.

V. Summary and Conclusions.

VI. Literature Cited.

8. Plug Transplant Technology (Daniel J. Cantliffe).

I. Introduction.

II. Importance of the Plug Industry.

III. Plug Production Technology.

IV. Organic Plug Production.

V. Postharvest Handling of Plugs.

VI. Associated Production Techniques.

VII. Mechanization.

VIII. Conclusions and Prospects.

IX. Literature Cited.

9. A History of Grafting (Ken Mudge, Jules Janick, Steven Scofield, and Eliezer E. Goldschmidt).

I. Introduction.

II. Natural Grafting.

III. Historical Evidence.

IV. History of Clonal Rootstocks.

V. Graft Hybrids.

VI. Conclusion.

VII. Literature Cited.

Subject Index.

Cumulative Subject Index.

Contributor Index.

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Author Information

Jules Janick is the James Troop Distinguished Professor of Horticulture at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN, USA.
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