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Basset Hound: Your Happy Healthy Pet, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-470-39056-6
144 pages
December 2008
Basset Hound: Your Happy Healthy Pet, 2nd Edition (0470390565) cover image


Originally bred to trail game with its sensitive nose, this laid-back, even-tempered breed was number 31 on the American Kennel Association's 2007 ranking of America's most popular dogs.

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

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Table of Contents

Part I: The World of the Basset Hound.

Chapter 1: What Is a Basset Hound?

A Scenthound.

Built for Hunting.

Chapter 2: Basset Hound History.

French Origins.

British Influence.

The Basset Hound in the United States.

Basset Hounds in Popular Culture.

Chapter 3: Why Choose a Basset Hound?

What Bassets Do.

Natural Instincts.

Special Needs.

Temperament and Training.

Sports for Basset Hounds.

Chapter 4: Choosing Your Basset Hound.

Decisions to Make.

Consider a Rescued or Shelter Dog.

Where to Get a Puppy.

Questions You’ll Be Asked.

Part II: Caring for Your Basset Hound.

Chapter 5: Bringing Your Basset Hound Home.

Using a Crate.

Puppy Essentials.

Puppy-Proofing Your Home.



Choosing a Name.

Bringing Your Puppy Home.

The First Few Weeks.

Children and Your Puppy.

Beginning Training and Socialization.

Chapter 6: Feeding Your Basset Hound.

Feeding Puppies.

Feeding Adult Dogs.

Feeding Senior Dogs.

What to Feed Your Basset Hound.

Reading Dog Food Labels.

The Overweight Basset Hound.

Picky Eaters.

Poisonous Foods.

Chapter 7: Grooming Your Basset Hound.

Grooming Supplies.

Bath Time.

Nail Trimming.

Ear Cleaning.

Teeth Cleaning.

Skin Check.

Making Your Environment Flea Free.

Chapter 8: Keeping Your Basset Hound Healthy.

Choosing a Veterinarian.

Health Concerns for Basset Hounds.

Common Canine Health Problems.


How to Make a Canine First-Aid Kit.

First Aid.

When to Call the Veterinarian.

The Senior Citizen.

Part III: Enjoying Your Basset Hound.

Chapter 9: Training Your Basset Hound.

Understanding Builds the Bond.

Practical Commands for Family Pets.

Training for Attention.

Teaching Cooperation.

Chapter 10: Housetraining Your Basset Hound.

Your Housetraining Shopping List.

The First Day.

Confine Your Pup.

Watch Your Pup.

Accidents Happen.

Scheduling Basics.

Appendix: Learning More About Your Basset Hound.



Clubs, Registries, and Associations.

Internet Resources.


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Author Information

Terry Albert is a writer and artist specializing in pet-related subjects. She has won several Maxwell Awards from the Dog Writers Association of America for her writing and artwork, and served for several years as their annual writing competition chairperson.
She has had hands-on experience with hundreds of breeds of dogs as a professional dog trainer, at a foster home for numerous breeds, and in more than fifteen years of work as a pet sitter.
Terry has served on the board of directors for Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue and the Humane Society of Seattle/King County, is an active volunteer for several breed rescue groups, and was a founding member of Southern California Labrador Retriever Rescue. She volunteers as a Reserve Park Ranger in the mounted patrol unit in Poway, California. She also received Channel 10 San Diego’s Leadership Award for her volunteer work.
Terry’s art has been exhibited in the Art Show at the Dog Show and the AKC Museum of the Dog. She also has had numerous commissions from dog breed clubs and private collectors. She currently works from her home, which she shares with her five dogs, two horses, two cats, and two box turtles. She dedicates this book, her first, to the memory of her dad, George Johnson, because he would have been so proud.
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Getting Active with Your Basset Hound
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Your Basset Hound and Your Family
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Additional Housetraining Schedules
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