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52 Weeks of Sales Success: America's #1 Salesman Shows You How to Send Sales Soaring, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-470-39350-5
240 pages
January 2009
52 Weeks of Sales Success: America
52 Weeks of Sales Success, 2nd edition is based on Roberts' series of popular weekly sales seminars originally offered to his staff. Ralph now delivers the same energy and sales-generating wisdom and closing tools to everyone who is committed to achieving his or her full potential. In this second edition, Ralph has expanded and updated the material to address issues important to today's salespeople and reveals his field-proven strategies for selling in the 21st Century:
  • Stop thinking like an employee and start thinking like an entrepreneur
  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • Develop systems and procedures
  • Hire an assistant, so you can concentrate on clients
  • Know your product, yourself, and your client
  • Under-promise, over-deliver
  • Turn problems into opportunities
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Week 1.

Start Now.

Do the Hardest Thing First.

Tell Everyone You Know What You Do.

Remain Positive.

Work for Today, Tomorrow, and Your Future.

Stick to It.

Week 2.

Stay Put.

Week 3.

Cultivate an Entrepreneurial Mindset.

Procuring Tools and Resources.

Marketing Yourself.

Hiring Employees (Assistants).

Building a Sales Team.

Week 4.

Project a Positive Attitude.

Surround Yourself with Positive People.

Seek Out Positive Ideas.

Banish Negativity and Self-Defeatism.

Master the Art of Positive Talk.

Chapter 5.

Set Goals.

Associate with Fellow Goal Setters.

Set a Goal.

Set a Deadline.

Break Down Your Goal into Milestones.

Chapter 6.

Devise a Plan.

Essential Elements of a Business Plan.

Business Description.

Market Focus.

Situation Analysis.

Vision Statement.

Revenue Projections.


Start-Up Money.

Chapter 7.

Develop Systems and Procedures.

Documenting Your Job.

Identify Procedures.

Break Procedures into Tasks.

Break Tasks into Steps.

Delegate the Work.

Chapter 8.

Hire an Assistant.

Recruit Assistants.

Screen the Candidates.

Visual or Virtual?

Retain Your Best Assistants.

Chapter 9.


Stephen's Not-So-Secret Secret.

Rediscovering Your A-B-C's.

Day Job, Night Job.

Chapter 10.

Know Your Product.

Use Your Product or Service... If Possible.

Sell When You Buy.

Week 11.

Know Your Clients.

Who's Really Your Client?

Use What You Sell.

Participate in Consumer Communities.

Consult with Other Departments.

Learn Your Customer's Business.

Gather Feedback from Clients.

Week 12.

Recognize the Difference between Customers and Clients.

Be a Salesperson, Not an Order Taker.

Customer Service Is Key.

Become a Problem Solver.

Week 13.

Under-Promise, Over-Deliver.


Uncover Soft Expectations.

Follow up.

Think Total Service.

Week 14.

Leverage the Power of your Disabilities.

Identify Your Abilities and Disabilities.

Identify the Positive in Your Disabilities.

Week 15.

Turn Problems into Opportunities.

Look for Trouble.

Become a Problem Solver.

Look for Problems in Your Own Business, Too.

Week 16.

Brand Yourself: You, Inc.

Nailing Down My Brand.

Assemble a Marketing Packet.

Week 17.

Engage in Shameless Self-Promotion.

Focus on Self-Promotion.

Make It a Priority.

Start on the Internet.

Distribute Regular Press Releases.

Draw Free Publicity and Positive Press.

Invest in Paid Advertising.

Week 18.

See Business Where It Isn't.

Identify Un-Served and Underserved Markets.

Train Your Mind to Spot Opportunities.

Build Business Synergies.

Week 19.

Brainstorm Problem-Solving with Your Staff.

Ask for Help.

Don't Get Hung Up on Hierarchy.

Foster a Problem-Solving Atmosphere.

Think Ends, Not Means.

Week 20.

Focus on Your Clients' Success.

Your Success Is My Success.

Success Breeds Success.

Make It Your Mission Statement.

Week 21.

Write Notes to Your Clients.

Week 22.

Launch Your Weekly Hour of Power: 100 Calls in 60 Minutes.

Harvesting Pearls Called Referrals.

No Selling!

No Interruptions!

Keep a Tally Sheet.

Week 23.

Master the 10-10-20 Technique.

The Technique.

Another Way to Network.

Case Study.

Adjust the Technique.

Week 24.

Hone Your Networking Skills.

Week 25.

Market Your Home-Based Business.

Bargain for an Advantage.

Niche Marketing.

Seek Feedback Constantly.

Be Consistent.

Set Aside Time Every Week for Marketing.

Week 26.

Master a New Technology.

Week 27.

Explore Marketing Opportunities on the Internet.

Build Your Own Web Site.

Build Communities through Blogging.

Driving Traffic to Your Websites and Blogs.

Add a Signature File to Your Email Messages.

Week 28.

Reward Yourself.

Create a Reward Collage.

Reward Yourself before a Sale.

Fine-Tune Your Reward System.

Week 29.

Find a Better Place to Meet Your Clients.

Choose a Place with the Right Ambience.

Set the Stage.

Navigate an Office Meeting.

Week 30.

Improve the Way You Ask and Answer Questions.

Ask Questions That Require Some Explanation from Your Client.

Try to Answer a Question with a Question of Your Own.

Break Down Bad News into Terms That Are Easier to Accept.

Week 31.

Perfect Your Tele-Sales Skills.

Make a Lot of Calls.

No Scripts.

The “Mirroring” Technique.

Have Something to Say When You Call.

Week 32.

Shadow a Top-Producing Salesperson.

My Sales Mentors.

Identify Prospective Mentors.

Hire a Sales Coach.

Week 33.

Team Up with a Personal Partner.

Choose a Partner.

Develop a Plan.

Meet with Your Partner.

Week 34.

Hook Up with a Mentor.

Mentors in the Family.

Mentors in the Neighborhood.

Mentors in Your Office.

Week 34.

Jot Down Ideas for New Opportunities.

Week 36.

Nurture Relationships.

Forget About the Money.

Stop Hunting, Start Farming.

Get Connected.

Gather Contact Information.

Keep in Touch.


Week 37.

Launch Your Own Blog.

Brush up on Blog Basics.

Test Drive a Blog for Free.

Choosing a Blog Host and Platform.

Earn Higher Search Engine Rankings.

Week 38.

Try an Internet Lead Generation Service.

Assessing the Benefits of Lead Generation Services.

Be Prepared.

Week 39.

Date Your Leads… or Someone Else Will.

Create a System.

Be the First to Call.

Work on Your Follow-Through.

Be Persistent.

Date Your Clients, Too.

Week 40.

Build Trust in Online Communities.

What Constitutes Social Media?

Tap the Power of Social Media Marketing.

Week 41.

Fire Your Worst Clients.

You Can't Deliver.

The Customer Is Too Negative.

When the Deal Doesn't Fit Your Business Plan.

Week 42.

Attend a Convention or Seminar.

I Learned the Hard Way.

My First Convention.

Attend Seminars and Workshops.


Week 43.

Host a Seminar or Workshop.

Case Study: Foreclosure Self-Defense Seminar.

Identify a Need in the Marketplace.

Create Your Workshop or Seminar.

Promote Your Workshop or Seminar.

Week 44.

Master the Platinum Rule.

Week 45.

Expand into Multicultural Markets.

Test Your Cross-Cultural Competency.

Follow Your Customer's Lead.

Take a Comprehensive Approach.

Week 46.

Avoid or Recover from a Sales Slump.

Avoid Negative People and Situations.

Set a Start Date.

Be Committed.

Make Marketing a Regular Activity.

Keep Records.

Talk to Your Manager about Your Sales Decline.

Learn from Past Mistakes.

Get Your Family and Friends Involved.

Learn to Cope.

Week 47.

Build Your Own Sales Team.

What Is a Sales Team?

Realize the Benefits of the Team-Based Approach.

Are You Team-Ready?

Take a Lesson from Your Dentist.

Week 48.

Sharpen Your Team Management Skills.

Week 49.

Close a Sale the Right Way: Six Follow-Up Steps.

Save It!

When You Lose a Sale, Find Out Why.

Stay in Touch with Them.

Thank Them for Their Time.

Ask for a Referral.

Move on.

Week 50.

Become a Lifelong Learner.

Week 51.

Just Do It!



Use Technology to Leverage Your Efforts.

Know When to Take a Break.

Week 52.

Final Thoughts.

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Ralph R. Roberts is an award-winning and internationally acclaimed real estate agent, speaker, sales coach, consultant, and author. His articles have been featured in a host of national publications, online and in print, and he has authored and coauthored numerous books, including Walk Like a Giant, Sell Like a Madman; Advanced Selling For Dummies; Cross-Cultural Selling For Dummies; Mortgage Myths; and Foreclosure Myths, all from Wiley. For more about Ralph, visit AboutRalph.com.

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