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World Wide Rave: Creating Triggers that Get Millions of People to Spread Your Ideas and Share Your Stories

ISBN: 978-0-470-39500-4
208 pages
March 2009
World Wide Rave: Creating Triggers that Get Millions of People to Spread Your Ideas and Share Your Stories (0470395001) cover image


A World Wide Rave!

What the heck is that?

A World Wide Rave is when people around the world are talking about you, your company, and your products. It's when communities eagerly link to your stuff on the Web. It's when online buzz drives buyers to your virtual doorstep. It's when tons of fans visit your Web site and your blog because they genuinely want to be there.

Rules of the Rave:

  • Nobody cares about your products (except you).
  • No coercion required.
  • Lose control.
  • Put down roots.
  • Point the world to your (virtual) doorstep.

You can trigger a World Wide Rave: Just create something valuable that people want to share and make it easy for them to do so.

What happens when people can't stop talking online about you, your company, and your products? A World Wide Rave is born that can propel a brand or company to seemingly instant fame and fortune. How do you create one? By learning the secret to getting links, YouTube, Facebook, and blog buzz to drive eager buyers to your virtual doorstep. For free.

In World Wide Rave, David Meerman Scott, author of the award-winning hit book The New Rules of Marketing and PR, reveals the most exciting and powerful ways to build a giant audience from scratch. 

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Table of Contents

A World Wide Rave 2

Rules of the Rave 3

Telling stories 7

When 7 = 350,000,000 7

Tapping the enthusiasm of millions of fans 9

The World Wide Rave empowers you 12

You must ignore the old rules of advertising and PR 13

We are the world 14

A dream come true 15

Fear not: You, too, can create a World Wide Rave 16

Girls fight back! 17

Get out your mobile phones! 19

Nobody Cares About Your Products (Except You) 23

Understand buyer personas to trigger a World Wide Rave 24

I love a good audit 25

Stupid cancer: I’m too young for this! 29

Forget about your products 31

Are you a talent fanatic? 36

How big is your “world”? 38

A resume? or an e-book? 40

What about business-to-business e-books? 44

How to make your e-book a World Wide Rave 46

Sex, shaving, and your oral health 48

E-book your way to fame and fortune 49

You can’t do that with the Yellow Pages 50

When not to have sex (in your e-book) 53

A local World Wide Rave 54

People want to do business with people 56

No Coercion Required 59

Unscrupulous marketing techniques 60

Careful: Dodgy “viral marketing” sucks 62

Ad agencies beware: Your viral campaign may be against the law 64

Viral marketing is rarely a World Wide Rave 66

Lose Control 67

No strings required 68

A top-ten unsigned band on myspace 70

The Grateful Dead? or Led Zeppelin? 75

A World Wide Rave is not about sales leads 77

Return on investment is just an excuse 80

But we can’t do that! 81

Sold out, so what! 84

Online video and the World Wide Rave 85

Let’s be honest 89

Block social media sites at your own peril 92

Do you trust your employees? 93

We’re talking about people, not technology 94

IBM’s social computing guidelines 96

New York Islanders win big 97

Do you work for a company that blocks access? 99

Put Down Roots 101

When friends trigger a World Wide Rave 102

Anyone can trigger a World Wide Rave 103

Thousands of fans; one random youth soccer team 105

Facebook applications: Where’s your widget? 108

How many cities have you visited? 109

Are you on Twitter yet? 111

Social networking and a World Wide Rave 113

World Wide Rant: When buzz turns negative 115

US Airways: Coffee, tea, or a credit card application? 116

Participating in social media 118

Preventing a World Wide Rant 120

How to monitor and participate in social media 121

Create Triggers that Encourage People to Share 123

Nothing is guaranteed to be a World Wide Rave 124

Think like a venture capitalist 125

Triggerstorm: Ideas for triggering a World Wide Rave 128

Grade your web site 129

A tool for spreading your ideas 132

What hairstyle is best for you? 132

When your product itself is your trigger 133

Rate your internship experience 134

Be first and be fast 137

A worldwide virtual event 139

An aerospace lecture at the gym 142

Create a contest, you might trigger a rave 145

Enter a contest, you might win 146

Showcase your customers 149

Creativity and imagination required 151

Point the World to Your (Virtual) Doorstep 153

You can’t trigger a World Wide Rave if you’re invisible 154

Number 1 search result on Google 155

Quoted all over the web 157

Controlling the uncontrollable 160

Do not read this part of the book 161

Hire a journalist 164

When the world comes to you 167

Stop making excuses 173

Where the hell is Matt? 175

What do you have to lose? 178

Quit your job 178

Your Challenges (A Review) 184

Index 187

About the Author 192

Acknowledgments 193

David Meerman Scott, live at your event! 194

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Author Information

David Meerman Scott is an award-winning online marketing strategist, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and seminar leader. He is the bestselling author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR, also from Wiley. For more information, please visit www.davidmeermanscott.com.
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"Scott’s book offers a number of methods and approaches that various businesses can use to start an online ‘wave’ of interest in their company or their offering. Much of the advice is applicable to even the smallest growing business looking to tap into today’s marketing trends."—Fuel Magazine

"Companies that are marketing effectively are using social media and the Web to go wherever potential customers are going and getting them to create a buzz about their products. David Meerman Scott calls it creating a ‘World Wide Rave’.—Miami Herald

"Wouldn't you love to have your product sell itself, with people around the world talking about it and promoting it online? David Meerman Scott thought you would. So he wrote this book about how to start a World Wide Rave about your business."—Kansas City Star

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Press Release

March 09, 2009
Creating Triggers That Get Millions of People to Spread Your Ideas and Share Your Stories

David Meerman Scott turned the foundations of marketing upside down with The New Rules of Marketing and PR, which won the 800-CEO-READ Author’s Choice Award, was named one of the best marketing books of all time by Bnet, received a starred Publishers Weekly review, and almost two years after publication is still one of today’s best selling marketing books. 

Now, in WORLD WIDE RAVE: Creating Triggers That Get Millions of People to Spread Your Ideas and Share Your Stories (Wiley; March 3, 2009; $22.95; 208 pages), Scott shares the secret to the most powerful marketing tool available—one that again goes against all the out-of-date rules that your boss, your agency and many experts are too afraid to abandon. 

A World Wide Rave is when thousands of people are talking about your or your company because they want to, not because they were coerced or tricked.  How do you create one? You might know a little about part of the answer: blogs, links, YouTube, Facebook and viral videos. But even the most tech-savvy marketer won’t get any mileage out of these online tools if they don’t craft the right content to trigger conversations that can spread to millions. 

Scott studied what content spreads like wildfire and what spreads like fruitcake, and reveals the most effective triggers for lighting the fire under a network of people and making your content easy for them to share. To succeed in this new world, you have to break the rules of the old world by giving up control of your message and giving away your content for free.  As scary as this may sound, Scott proves his point with inspiring stories of how such unorthodox techniques created wildly successful worldwide raves for companies, nonprofits and individuals like:

Tim Washer, manager of new media web video at IBM Communications, who humanized the image of IBM in the eyes of hundreds of thousands of viewers by producing a series of mockumentaries that spoof corporate training videos

Cindy Gordon, vice president of new media and marketing partnerships at Universal Orlando Resort, who reached 350 million people about the launch of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park by telling only seven carefully selected people.

Steve Chazin, whose job search strategy included publishing an ebook online so that employers would seek him out for his ideas instead of ignoring one more resume in the stack.

Barack Obama, who used Twitter to update fans about his campaign and to announce his VP choice before it was announced to the press. 

WORLD WIDE RAVE is a guide to empowering others to tell your story and spread your ideas for free—and during today’s economic downturn what better time to try a free strategy that works far better than the expensive ones?

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