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Algorithms and Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks

ISBN: 978-0-470-39635-3
600 pages
November 2008, Wiley-IEEE Press
Algorithms and Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks (0470396350) cover image


A one-stop resource for the use of algorithms and protocols in wireless sensor networks

From an established international researcher in the field, this edited volume provides readers with comprehensive coverage of the fundamental algorithms and protocols for wireless sensor networks. It identifies the research that needs to be conducted on a number of levels to design and assess the deployment of wireless sensor networks, and provides an in-depth analysis of the development of the next generation of heterogeneous wireless sensor networks.

Divided into nineteen succinct chapters, the book covers: mobility management and resource allocation algorithms; communication models; energy and power consumption algorithms; performance modeling and simulation;

authentication and reputation mechanisms; algorithms for wireless sensor and mesh networks; and algorithm methods for pervasive and ubiquitous computing; among other topics.

Complete with a set of challenging exercises, this book is a valuable resource for electrical engineers, computer engineers, network engineers, and computer science specialists. Useful for instructors and students alike, Algorithms and Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks is an ideal textbook for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in computer science, electrical engineering,and network engineering.

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Table of Contents


About the Editor.


1. Algorithms forWireless Sensor Networks: Present and Future (Azzedine Boukerche, Eduardo F. Nakamura, and Antonio A. F. Loureiro).

2. HeterogeneousWireless Sensor Networks (Violet R. Syrotiuk, Bing Li, and Angela M. Mielke).

3. Epidemic Models, Algorithms, and Protocols in Wireless Sensor and Ad Hoc Networks (Pradip De and Sajal K. Das).

4. Modeling Sensor Networks (Stefan Schmid and Roger Wattenhofer).

5. Spatiotemporal Correlation Theory for Wireless Sensor Networks (Özgür B. Akan).

6. A Taxonomy of Routing Protocols in Sensor Networks (Azzedine Boukerche, Mohammad Z. Ahmad, Damla Turgut, and Begumhan Turgut).

7. Clustering inWireless Sensor Networks: A Graph Theory Perspective (Nidal Nasser and Liliana M. Arboleda).

8. Position-Based Routing for Sensor Networks: Approaches and Obstacles (Marwan M. Fayed and Hussein T. Mouftah).

9. Node Positioning for Increased Dependability of Wireless Sensor Networks (Mohamed Younis and Kemal Akkaya).

10. Mobility in Wireless Sensor Networks (Stefano Basagni, Alessio Carosi, and Chiara Petrioli).

11. Localization Systems for Wireless Sensor Networks (Azzedine Boukerche, Horacio A. B. F. Oliveira, Eduardo F. Nakamura, and Antonio A. F. Loureiro).

12. Location Discovery in Sensor Networks (Asis Nasipuri).

13. QoS-Based Communication Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks (Serdar Vural, Yuan Tian, and Eylem Ekici).

14. Quality of Service in Wireless Sensor Networks (Gregory J. Pottie and Ameesh Pandya).

15. Energy-Efficient Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks (Azzedine Boukerche and Sotiris Nikoletseas).

16. Security Issues and Countermeasures in Wireless Sensor Networks (Tanveer Zia and Albert Y. Zomaya).

17. A Taxonomy of Secure Time Synchronization Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks (Azzedine Boukerche and Damla Turgut).

18. Secure Localization Systems: Protocols and Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks (Azzedine Boukerche, Horacio A. B. F. Oliveira, Eduardo F. Nakamura, and Antonio A. F. Loureiro).


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Author Information

Azzedine Boukerche, PhD, is a Canada Research Chair Professor in wireless and mobile computing at the University of Ottawa, Canada. He is the Founding Director of PARADISE Research Laboratory, also at the University of Ottawa. Dr. Boukerche is a well-known and internationally respected researcher in his field. He has published numerous papers in the fields of wireless networks, mobile and pervasive computing, and wireless ad hoc and sensor networks. As an associate editor, program chair, and general chair, he has contributed to many international journals and conferences in the area of wireless and mobile networking, wireless ad hoc, and sensor and mesh networking. He has also received several national and international awards for excellence in research and his scientific contributions to the field of wireless and mobile networks.

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"For being one of the first books on the subject, it is a very pleasant read, with excellent illustration and flow of information. The exhaustive references and exercises are nice bonuses. Both graduate students and industry practioners will enjoy this book." (Computing Reviews, February 9, 2009)
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