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Mac Bible

ISBN: 978-0-470-40073-9
632 pages
May 2009
Mac Bible (0470400730) cover image
This essential guide answers all your questions on using a Macintosh computer, whether you re unpacking your very first Mac after switching from a PC or upgrading from an older Mac. You ll walk through all pre-installed Mac applications, including using Mac OS X, browsing the Web using Safari, downloading music from the iTunes store, troubleshooting Mac-specific problems, organizing photos in iPhoto, organizing calendars in iCal, editing digital video in iMovie, and more.
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Part I: The Basic Mac.

Chapter 1: Know Your Mac.

Chapter 2: The Finder Is Your Friend.

Chapter 3: Finder Fun.

Chapter 4: Customize Your Mac.

Chapter 5: The Nuts and Bolts of System Preferences.

Chapter 6: Manage User Accounts.

Part II: The Networked Mac.

Chapter 7: Add Your Mac to a Network.

Chapter 8: Sharing Files from Your Mac.

Part III: The Working Mac.

Chapter 9: Word Processing with Your Mac.

Chapter 10: The Mac Does Spreadsheets and Presentations, Too.

Chapter 11: Organize Life Using Your Mac.

Chapter 12: Printing and Scanning with Your Mac.

Part IV: The Multimedia Mac.

Chapter 13: Mastering Digital Images.

Chapter 14: iMovie Magic.

Chapter 15: Musical Mac.

Part V: The Surfing Mac.

Chapter 16: Staying Connected Through E-Mail.

Chapter 17: Cruising the Internet with Web Browsers.

Chapter 18: Chatting Across the Miles.

Part VI: The Advanced Mac.

Chapter 19: UNIX.

Chapter 20: Alternative Operating Systems.

Chapter 21: Doctor Your Ailing Mac.

Chapter 22: Backing Up Your Mac.

Part VII: Appendixes.

Appendix A: Popular Third-Party Applications and Utilities.

Appendix B: Gaming on the Mac.

Appendix C: Resources.

Appendix D: Apple Certification and Training.

Appendix E: Glossary.


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Dwight Spivey is a software and support engineer for Konica Minolta, where he specializes in working with Mac operating systems, applications, and hardware, as well as color and monochrome laser printers. He also teaches classes on Mac OS X, which he has used and tested since its first public beta was released in 2000.

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