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Methods and Applications of Statistics in the Social and Behavioral Sciences

N. Balakrishnan (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-470-40507-9
582 pages
October 2012
Methods and Applications of Statistics in the Social and Behavioral Sciences (0470405074) cover image


Explore classic and cutting-edge statistical tools used in conducting diverse research in the behavioral and social sciences

Inspired by the multifaceted Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences, Second Edition, this book provides a concise, self-contained reference for readers wishing to gain quick access to cutting-edge information about the application of statistical methods and techniques in the social and behavioral sciences.

Featuring contributions from over 100 leading experts in academia and industry, this work combines key articles from the Encyclopedia with new and thoroughly updated content that addresses the latest research methods for gathering, reporting, and analyzing data across diverse subject areas, including economics, psychology, demography, political science, and communications.

The book features new and updated content on quantitative methods and their use in understanding the latest topics in social and behavioral research, including:

  • Childhood Obesity
  • Agriculture Production
  • Current Population Surveys
  • Econometrics
  • Affluence, Poverty, and Quality of Life

Each contribution offers authoritative, yet easily accessible, coverage of statistical concepts. With updated references and discussion of relevant research topics, readers are provided with the various statistical methods, techniques, strategies, and applications that are essential in tackling critical issues pertaining to the social and behavioral sciences.

Providing a blend of traditional methodology and the latest research, Methods and Applications of Statistics in the Social and Behavioral Sciences is an excellent resource for researchers, professionals, and students in the fields of sociology, psychology, philosophy, education, political science, and related disciplines who would like to learn about the uses of statistics in gathering, reporting, and analyzing data.

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Table of Contents

Preface v

Contributors vii

1. Actuarial Science 1

2. Causation-I 6

3. Causation-II 9

4. Census 25

5. Correlation 32

6. Current Population Survey 46

7. Data Masking for Disclosure Avoidance 56

8. Divisia Indices 66

9. Econometrics 69

10. Educational Statistics 81

11. Electron Forecasting in the United Kingdom 88

12. Electron Projections 93

13. Employment Cost Index 97

14. Evolution of Current Population Survey 105

15. Federal Statistics 119

16. Fertility Measurement 128

17. Graduation 134

18. Human Capital 141

19. Dagum System of Income and Wealth Distributions 156

20. Income Distribution Models 174

21. Income Inequality Measures 186

22. Indexes: Affluence, Poverty, and Quality of Life 210

23. Index of Industrial Production 215

24. Infant Morality 220

25. Labor Statistics 223

26. Life Tables 228

27. Literature and Statistics-I 232

28. Literature and Statistics-II 238

29. Mathematical Theory of Population 242

30. Medico-Actuarial Investigations 249

31. Migration 255

32. Music, Probability, and Statistics 259

33. Numeracy 263

34. Office of Population Censuses and Surveys 271

35. Population Growth Models 277

36. Population Projection 285

37. Probabilistic Voting Models 289

38. Productivity Measurement 296

39. Public Opinion Polls 302

40. Purchasing Power Parity 308

41. Psychological Decision Making 313

42. Sabermetrics 319

43. Social Security Statistics 324

44. Social Statistics 329

45. Sociometry 335

46. Scoring Systems in Sports 339

47. Statistical Aspects of Television Viewing 343

48. Statistical Methods in Psychophysics 348

49. Statistics and Religious Studies 353

50. Statistics in Agriculture Production 357

51. Statistics in Archaeology-I 373

52. Statistics in Archaeology-II 378

53. Statistics in Childhood Obesity 385

54. Statistics in Historical Studies 400

55. Statistics in Gambling 407

56. Statistics in Law 411

57. Statistics in Linguistics 421

58. Statistics in Musicology 429

59. Statistics in Political Science 437

60. Statistics in Psychology 446

61. Statistics in Sociology 453

62. Statistics in Sports 461

63. Stochastic Demography 467

64. The Theory and Practice of Index Numbers 480

65. Transferable Vote System for Elections 505

66. Uncertainty in Economics 508

67. U.S. Bureau of the Census 515

68. Utility Theory 531

69. Utilization Analysis 539

70. Vital Statistics 544

71. Whittaker-Henderson Graduation Formulas 549

Index 553

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Author Information

N. BALAKRISHNAN, PhD, is Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at McMaster University, Canada. Dr. Balakrishnan is coeditor of the Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences, Second Edition and also serves as Editor in Chief of Communications in Statistics. He is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics. In addition to serving as Editor of the Methods and Applications of Statistics series, Dr. Balakrishnan is the coauthor of Precedence-Type Tests and Applications and A Primer on Statistical Distributions, both published by Wiley.

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