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The Role of the Father in Child Development, 5th Edition

Michael E. Lamb (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-470-40549-9
672 pages
April 2010
The Role of the Father in Child Development, 5th Edition (047040549X) cover image


The Definitive reference on the important role fathers play in child development today

Edited by Dr. Michael Lamb—the recognized authority on the role of fathers in child development, The Role of the Father in Child Development, Fifth Edition brings together contributions from international experts on each subject to provide a thorough and current summary of the state of fatherhood across cultures, classes, economic systems, and family formations. This classic guide offers a single-source reference for the most recent findings and beliefs related to fathers and fatherhood. This thoroughly updated new edition provides the latest material on topics such as:

  • The effects of divorce
  • Fathers from low-income backgrounds
  • Stepfathers’ lives: exploring social context and interpersonal complexity
  • Social policy
  • Gay fathers
  • Fatherhood and masculinity
The definitive book on when, why, and how fathers matter to their children and families, The Role of the Father in Child Development, Fifth Edition is an essential reference for all mental health professionals who endeavor to understand and support fathers in becoming positive influences in their children’s development.
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Table of Contents



1 How Do Fathers Influence Children’s Development? Let Me Count the Ways (Michael E. Lamb).

2 Fatherhood and Masculinity (Joseph H. Pleck).

3 Paternal Involvement: Revised Conceptualization and Theoretical Linkages with Child Outcomes (Joseph H. Pleck).

4 The Development and Significance of Father–Child Relationships in Two-Parent Families (Michael E. Lamb and Charlie Lewis).

5 Fathers, Marriages, and Families: Revisiting and Updating the Framework for Fathering in Family Context (E. Mark Cummings, Christine E. Merrilees, and Melissa Ward George).

6 Fathers, Children, and Divorce (Paul R. Amato and Cassandra Dorius).

7 Custody and Parenting Time: Links to Family Relationships and Well-Being After Divorce (William V. Fabricius, Sanford L. Braver, Priscila Diaz, and Clorinda E. Velez).

8 Fathers in Fragile Families (Marcia J. Carlson and Sara S. McLanahan).

9 Stepfathers’ Lives: Exploring Social Context and Interpersonal Complexity (William Marsiglio and Ramon Hinojosa).

10 Fathers From Low-Income Backgrounds: Myths and Evidence (Catherine S. Tamis-LeMonda and Karen E. McFadden).

11 Gay Fathers (Susan Golombok and Fiona Tasker).

12 Fathering in Japan, China, and Korea: Changing Contexts, Images, and Roles (David W. Shwalb, Jun Nakazawa, Toshiya Yamamoto, and Jung-Hwan Hyun).

13 Fathers, Families, and Children’s Well-Becoming in Africa (A. Bame Nsamenang).

14 Fathers’ Roles in Hunter-Gatherer and Other Small-Scale Cultures (Barry S. Hewlett and Shane J. Macfarlan).

15 Fatherhood in the Context of Immigration (Roni Strier and Dorit Roer-Strier).

16 Including Fathers in Clinical Interventions for Children and Adolescents (Vicky Phares, Ariz Rojas, Idia B. Thurston, and Jessica C. Hankinson).

17 Fathers of Children With Developmental Disabilities (Elaine E. MacDonald and Richard P. Hastings).

18 Father Involvement and Public Policies (Natasha J. Cabrera).

19 Fathers, Work, and Family Policies in Europe (Margaret O’Brien and Peter Moss).

20 Changing Policies Regarding Separated Fathers in Australia (Patrick Parkinson).

Author Index.

Subject Index.

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Author Information

MICHAEL E. LAMB, PhD, is Professor of Psychology in the Social Sciences, Cambridge University, and has served as head of the Section on Social and Emotional Development at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. His current research is concerned with the evaluation, validation, and facilitation of children’s accounts of sexual abuse; the effects of domestic violence on children’s development; the effects of contrasting patterns of early child care on children and their families; and the description of early patterns of infant care in diverse sociocultural ecologies.
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