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Creating a Microsite Manager with CodeIgniter

ISBN: 978-0-470-41337-1
44 pages
August 2008
Creating a Microsite Manager with CodeIgniter (0470413379) cover image


In this Wrox Blox, you’ll learn how to build a microsite manager with CodeIgniter. The microsite manager will include an administrative dashboard that will allow users to create folders and pages and manage media files. It also discusses recreating the microsite at any point with a variety of site publishing tools. CodeIgniter offers a viable PHP solution to MVC development and is becoming popular among PHP developers.

Table of Contents:

Introducing CodeIgniter 2

What’s Model-View-Controller? 3

Why Bother with MVC? 4

Installing and Configuring CodeIgniter 5

The Root Folder 6

The system/ Folder 6

The system/application Folder 7

Tweaking the Configuration 8

Getting Started 10

The Login Area 11

Creating the Template View 12

Creating the Login Form 14

Reworking the index() Function 15

Creating the MAdmins Model 16

Creating the verifyUser() Function 17

Autoloading the MAdmins Model 17

A Small Note about Creating Your First User 18

Creating the Admin Dashboard 18

Creating the Dashboard Controller 19

Building the Admin Area 22

Setting up the Site Builder 35

Conclusion 39

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Author Information

Thomas Myer is a technical book author, consultant, and web developer. In 2001, he founded Triple Dog Dare Media in Austin, Texas. Triple Dog Dare Media focuses its attention on helping companies create CodeIgniter-based applications like content management, portals, and ecommerce systems. Thomas Myer is the author of No Nonsense XML Web Development with PHP

(Sitepoint, 2004) and Lead Generation on the Web (O’Reilly 2007). His new book, Professional CodeIgniter from WROX will hit the book stores July 2008. He has also authored dozens of technical and business articles for IBM DeveloperWorks, Amazon Web Services, AOL, Darwin Magazine, and others.

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