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Beekeeping For Dummies, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-470-43065-1
392 pages
March 2009
Beekeeping For Dummies, 2nd Edition (0470430656) cover image


Beekeeping For Dummies, 2nd Edition reviews the tools of the trade, including complete instructions for building and maintaining beehives; offers detailed and easy-to-follow guidelines for all phases of honey production--including harvesting, bottling, packaging and marketing your honey; explores theories into the recent unexplained collapse of colonies and its environmental and economic on society; and provides new information on mites and diseases and recommend changes in bee medication and treatments.
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Table of Contents

Foreward xvii

Introduction 1

Part I: Falling in Love with a Bug 7

Chapter 1: To Bee or Not to Bee? 9

Chapter 2: Life Inside the Honey Bee Hive 21

Part II: Starting Your Adventure 45

Chapter 3: Alleviating Apprehensions and Making Decisions 47

Chapter 4: Basic Equipment for Beekeepers 59

Chapter 5: Obtaining and Installing Your Bees 91

Part III: Time for a Peek 109

Chapter 6: Opening Your Hive 111

Chapter 7: What to Expect when You're Inspecting 125

Chapter 8: Different Seasons, Different Activities 145

Part IV: Common Problems and Simple Solutions 163

Chapter 9: Anticipating and Preventing Potential Problems 165

Chapter 10: Colony Collapse Disorder 189

Chapter 11: Diseases and Remedies 197

Chapter 12: Honey Bee Pests 207

Chapter 13: Raising Your Own Queens 229

Part V: Sweet Rewards 247

Chapter 14: Getting Ready for the Golden Harvest 249

Chapter 15: Honey Harvest Day 263

Part VI: The Part of Tens 277

Chapter 16: (Almost) Ten Fun Things to Do with Bees 279

Chapter 17: Ten Frequently Asked Questions About Bee Behavior 305

Chapter 18: My Ten Favorite Honey Recipes 309

Appendix A: Helpful Resources 317

Appendix B: Beekeeper's Checklist 331

Glossary 335

Index 341

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Author Information

Howland Blackiston has more than 20 years' experience keeping bees. He has written many articles on beekeeping and appeared on dozens of television and radio programs, including CNBC, CNN, NPR, and Sirius Satellite Radio. Blackiston has been a keynote speaker at conferences in more than 40 countries.
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