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Innate Immune System of Skin and Oral Mucosa: Properties and Impact in Pharmaceutics, Cosmetics, and Personal Care Products

Nava Dayan (Editor), Philip W. Wertz (Editor)
ISBN: 978-0-470-43777-3
368 pages
August 2011
Innate Immune System of Skin and Oral Mucosa: Properties and Impact in Pharmaceutics, Cosmetics, and Personal Care Products (0470437774) cover image


An in-depth look at cutting-edge research on the body's innate immune system

Innate immunity is the body's first line of protection against potential microbial, viral, and environmental attacks, and the skin and oral mucosa are two of the most powerful barriers that which we rely on to stay well. The definitive book on the subject, Innate Immune System of Skin and Oral Mucosa: Properties and Impact in Pharmaceutics, Cosmetics, and Personal Care Products provides a comprehensive overview of these systems, including coverage of antimicrobial peptides and lipids and microbial challenges and stressors that can influence innate immunity.

Designed to help experts and newcomers alike in fields like dermatology, oral pathology, cosmetics, personal care, and pharmaceuticals, the book is filled with suggestions to assist research and development. Looking at the many challenges facing the innate immune system, including the impact of topically applied skin products and medications, Innate Immune System of Skin and Oral Mucosa paves the way for next generation treatment avenues, preventative approaches, and drug development.

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Table of Contents

Preface ix

Contributors xi

Part I. Overview of Skin and Muscosal Innate Immunity: History, Ethics, and Science

Chapter 1. Germ Free: Hygiene History and Consuming Antimicrobial and Antiseptic Products 3
Jennifer Tebbe-Grossman and Martha N. Gardner

Chapter 2. Ethical Responsibilities in Formulating, Marketing, and Using Antimicrobial Personal Products 43
Kenneth A. Richman

Chapter 3. Role of Stratum Corneum in Permeability Barrier Function and Antimicrobial Defense 59
Peter M. Elias

Part II. Antimicrobial Lipids and Peptides

Chapter 4. Antimicrobial Lipids of the Skin and Oral Mucosa 75
Kim A. Brogden, David R. Drake, Deborah V. Dawson, Jennifer R. Hill, Carol L. Bratt, and Philip W. Wertz

Chapter 5. Resident Microflora and Antimicrobial Peptides of Skin 83
Shamim A. Ansari

Chapter 6. Defensins 109
Neelam Muizzudin

Chapter 7. Antimicrobial Peptides of Skin and Oral Mucosa 117
Whasun O. Chung and Henrik Dommisch

Chapter 8. Vernix Caseosa and Innate Immunity 145
Steven B. Hoath, Vivek Narendran, and Marty O. Visscher

Part III. Host Cellular Components of Innate Immunity

Chapter 9. Sentinel Role of Mast Cells in Innate Immunity 173
Zhenping Wang and Anna Di Nardo

Chapter 10. Cellular Immunity of the Skin: Langerhans Cells and Dendritic Cells 195
Karen E. Burke and Niroshana Anandasabapathy

Part IV. Innate Immunity Response to Stress and Aging

Chapter 11. Changes in Skin Immunity with Age and Disease 217
Barbara Geusens, Iles Mollet, Chris D. Anderson, Sarah Terras, Michael S. Roberts, and Jo Lambert

Chapter 12. Epidermis as a Sheild from Radiation and Oxidative Stress 259
Giuseppe Valacchi

Chapter 13. The Impact of the Skin’s Innate Immunity by Cosmetic Products Applied to the Skin and Scalp 275
Rudranath Persaud and Thomas Re

Chapter 14. UV-Induced Immunosuppression of Skin 281
Roger L. McMullen

Part V. Innate Immunity Microbial Challenges

Chapter 15. Deranged Antimicrobial Barrier in Atopic Dermatitis: Roles of Sphingosine, Hexadecenoic Acid, and Beta-Defensine-2 307
Gangi Imokawa

Chapter 16. Resident Microflora of the Skin and Oral Mucosa 325
David R. Drake

Chapter 17. Corynebacterium Species and Their Role in the Generation of Human Malodor 333
Carol L. Bratt and Nava Dayan

Index 351 

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Author Information

Nava Dayan PhD, is the R&D Director at Lipo Chemicals Inc. and an Associate Adjunct Professor in the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy at Rutgers University. During her twenty four years of experience she has specialized in a variety of areas related to skin treatment, especially in the research and understanding of the interaction between topically applied compounds and the skin. Dr. Dayan has received numerous awards for excellence for various papers she has authored. She is the author and coauthor of more than a hundred and fifty publications, including book chapters, and has been granted eight patents. She is also the editor of three books, including Formulating, Packaging, and Marketing of Natural Cosmetic Products (Wiley).

Philip W. Wertz PhD, is a Professor in the Department of Oral Pathology, Radiology, and Medicine at the University of Iowa College of Dentistry and in The Dows Institute for Dental Research. He is currently on the Editorial Advisory Board of the International Journal of Cosmetic Science and the Editorial Board of the TransDermal and Journal of Lipids.

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