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Final Cut Pro Portable Genius

ISBN: 978-0-470-43998-2
272 pages
August 2011
Final Cut Pro Portable Genius (047043998X) cover image
This savvy Portable Guide shows you how to get the most from Final Cut Pro. You’ll find cool and useful tips, full-color screenshots, and pages of easy-to-access shortcuts and tools that show you which editing technique is right for you, how to use Final Cut Pro as a sound and mixing tool, and the best ways to maximize the output of your final product.
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Chapter 1: What Should My Mac Preferences Be?

Chapter 2: What Are the Critical Final Cut Pro Preferences?

Chapter 3: How Do I Ingest Media into Final Cut Pro?

Chapter 4: Which Editing Technique Fits My Style?

Chapter 5: How Do I Use Final Cut Pro as a Professional Sound and Mixing Tool?

Chapter 6: Which Title Tool Should I Use?

Chapter 7: How Can I Use Final Cut Pro for High- End Effects Compositing?

Chapter 8: Can I Use Final Cut Pro to Produce Complex Motion Effects?

Chapter 9: How Many Ways Can I Use Filters?

Chapter 10: How Can I Maximize the Output of My Final Cut Pro Product?

Chapter 11: How Can I Benefit from Media Management?


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