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A Family's Guide to the Military For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-44472-6
384 pages
January 2009
A Family


Expert advice on all aspects of military life

A Family's Guide to the Military For Dummies is for the millions of military dependents, family members, and friends who are looking for straightforward guidance to take advantage of the benefits and overcome the challenges unique to life in the military. This comprehensive guide covers such key topics as introducing military life to readers new to the armed forces, financial planning, relocation, deployment, raising kids alone while a partner is away, and taking advantage of the available benefits. It offers tips and advice for dealing with emotions that surround events like deployments, deciphering the acronyms used in daily military life, forming support groups, keeping track of a loved one's whereabouts, and surviving on a military base in a foreign country.

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Table of Contents



Part I: Reporting for Duty.

Chapter 1: Living Life As a Military Family.

Chapter 2: Figuring Out Customs and Courtesies.

Chapter 3: Getting Around Military Bases.

Chapter 4: Connecting with the Military Community.

Part II: Understanding Your Financial Issues and Benefits.

Chapter 5: Deciphering Military Compensation.

Chapter 6: Taking Care of Yourself: Health and Dental Insurance.

Chapter 7: Maximizing Military Benefits.

Chapter 8: Starting Out on the Right Financial Foot.

Chapter 9: Building onto Your Financial Foundation.

Chapter 10: Housing Options for the Military Family.

Chapter 11: Finding Employment and Educational Opportunities.

Part III: Supporting the Military Family.

Chapter 12: Raising a Family in the Military.

Chapter 13: Maintaining Strong Military Couples.

Chapter 14: Tapping into Community Support.

Chapter 15: Dealing with the Disability or Death of a Family Member.

Part IV: Mastering Deployments.

Chapter 16: Prepping for Deployments.

Chapter 17: Accessing Traditional Family Support.

Chapter 18: Helping Children Cope with the Absence of a Parent.

Chapter 19: Keeping Connected with Your Loved One.

Part V: Transitioning Out of the Military.

Chapter 20: Separating from Service.

Chapter 21: Retiring from Service.

Chapter 22: Exploring Subsequent Careers.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 23: Ten Best Benefi ts for Military Spouses.

Chapter 24: Ten Biggest Financial Military Benefits.

Chapter 25: Ten Worst Scams Against Servicemembers.

Appendix: Military Acronyms.


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Author Information

Sheryl Garrett is a financial advisor, author, and speaker. She founded the Garrett Planning Network and is the author of Personal Finance Workbook For Dummies.

Sue Hoppin is the Deputy Director for Spouse Outreach at the Military Officers Association of America. In 2007, Military Spouse magazine placed Sue on their 2007 Who's Who of Military Spouses list.

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