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ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Test Driven Development: Problem - Design - Solution

ISBN: 978-0-470-44762-8
312 pages
September 2009
ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Test Driven Development: Problem - Design - Solution (0470447621) cover image


A hands-on journey takes you through the development process of a Web application from concept to production

ASP.NET MVC is a new Web development framework created by Microsoft as an alternative to ASP.NET web forms applications. MVC is well suited to testability, and Test Driven Development (TDD) affords you a generous level of control while also making MVC very powerful and extensible. This book takes the ASP.NET MVC and combines it with a testing methodology and tools and guides you through the process of taking Web application from concept to production.

Using a complete working sample application that demonstrates all the tools needed to build an e-commerce Web application, the popular Problem – Design – Solution format gradually introduces you to new alternative tools, frameworks, and methodologies to get you started creating cutting-edge Web applications.

  • ASP.NET MVC is Microsoft's hot new Web development framework to use as an alternative to ASP.NET Web forms applications
  • Use the popular Problem – Design – Solution recipe and encourages you to get involved with developing a Web application from concept to production
  • Introduces new alternative tools, frameworks, and methodologies, such as nUnit and Inversion of Control containers
  • Shows you how to use open source JavaScript libraries and work with a mocking framework

As you work with all facets of Web application development-requirements, design, testing, deployment, beta releases, refactoring, tool, and framework selection-you will have developed a live Web application by the time the book is finished.

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Requirements.

Chapter 2: High-Level Design.

Chapter 3: Membership.

Chapter 4: Refactor: Model Binders, Mocks, and Asserts.

Chapter 5: Client and Server Validation.

Chapter 6: Data Layer and IRepository Pattern.

Chapter 7: Declare Your Independence with Dependency Injection.

Chapter 8: Contact Management.

Chapter 9: Import Contacts.

Chapter 10: Composing Messages.

Chapter 11: HTML WYSIWYG Editing.

Chapter 12: Image Hosting.

Chapter 13: Message Templating.

Chapter 14: Billing and Subscriptions.

Chapter 15: Usage Tracking.

Chapter 16: Fill In the Blanks.


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Author Information

Emad Ibrahim hates to talk about himself because he doesn't know what to say and how to label himself. He is a programmer, an entrepreneur, a thinker, a dreamer, and a humanist. He is all that and none of that. He is clearly confl icted.
He graduated from Virginia Tech in 1999 without honors and has since worked in small and large companies, in small and large teams. He has written code in coffee shops, libraries, skyscrapers, and basements. He has managed teams across the room, across the country, and across the world.
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