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Beyond Transfer of Training: Engaging Systems to Improve Performance

ISBN: 978-0-470-44818-2
288 pages
September 2005, Pfeiffer
Beyond Transfer of Training: Engaging Systems to Improve Performance (0470448180) cover image
Did you know that an average of only 10%-20% of training resulted in changing or enhancing an employee s performance on the job. So, why train? Picking up where her first book, the landmark Transfer of Training, left off (and retaining some of the most salient sections and strategies), this completely updated take on the topic shows trainers and performance professionals how to:

  • Gain and maintain effective performance in complex systems.
  • Find and engage clients and stakeholders in transfer of learning efforts.
  • Support transfer of learning in E-environments.
  • Evaluate the success transfer of learning interventions.

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List of Figures, Exhibits, and Tables xiii

Preface xvii


1. Organizations as Complex Systems 5

Living and Working in Complex Systems 6

Moderately Complex Systems 8

Highly Complex Systems 15

Summary of This Chapter 21

Suggestions for Further Reading 25

2. Stakeholders and Support for Performance 25

Performance and Performers 26

Stakeholders in Performance 27

Organizational Factors That Support Performance in Complex Systems 40

Summary of This Chapter 47

Suggestions for Further Reading 48

3. The Performance Consultant 49

The Role of the Performance Consultant 50

The Human Performance Technology (HPT) Process 57

Organizations as Complex Systems 66

Partnering and Consulting with Other Stakeholders 71

Summary of This Chapter 75

Suggestions for Further Reading 77


4. Developing Stakeholder Strategies to Improve Performance 81

Low Performance Levels Following Training Interventions 81

Stakeholder Support for Performance 87

Recommended Stakeholder Strategies to Support Performance 98

Summary of This Chapter 110

Suggestions for Further Reading 111

5. Evaluation to Measure and Support Performance 113

Evaluation as a Tool to Measure and Support Performance 113

Levels of Evaluation of Training Interventions 116

The Role of Evaluators in Supporting Learning and Performance 132

Summary of This Chapter 134

Suggestions for Further Reading 135

6. Partnering and Consulting with Managers 137

Establishing Partnering Relationships with Managers 138

Consulting with Managers on a Performance Improvement Intervention 144

Supporting the Performance of Stakeholders in Performance Improvement Interventions 151

Summary of This Chapter 154

Suggestions for Further Reading 155


7. Sleuthing Out Performance Consulting’s Best Partners 159
Julie S. Hile

The Call for Performance Consultants’ Best Stakeholders 160

Lessons Learned from the Performance Consulting/S&H Partnership 161

The Canadian National Railway U.S. Operation's Safety Rule Book Revision Process 167

Summary of This Chapter 183

Suggestions for Further Reading 183

8. Implementing Transfer of Learning to Performance in a Complex International System 185
Richard L. Sullivan

An International Complex System 185

Moving from Training to Performance Improvement 188

Transfer of Learning to Performance 194

The Case of Improved Infection Prevention Practices 200

Summary and Lessons Learned 203

Suggestions for Further Reading 205

9. e-Learning and Support for Performance 207
Kenneth W. Finley, Jr.

What Constitutes e-Learning 208

Current e-Learning State of the Art 210

e-Learning Enablers and Disablers 215

Stakeholder Support for Transfer of e-Learning to Performance 223

Summary of This Chapter 227

Suggestions for Further Reading 228

Glossary 231

References 235

Index 245

About the Authors 253

Pfeiffer Publications Guide 257

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Mary L. Broad is an international consultant who works with public and private sector organizations to improve the payoff from investments in training and other performance improvement initiatives. Clients have included the Georgia State Department of Human Resources, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Group, and the National Weather Service.
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